English III Assessments

Learn about our new assessments for 2013-2014

Your Instructors

What has changed?

For the 2013-2014 school year, we have created a new Baseline and Benchmark for English III.

  • The Baseline is based on key skills that students should have gained from English II.
  • The Benchmark is strictly testing material that the students should have learned the first nine weeks.
  • There are 21-23 multiple choice questions on both assessments.
  • There are two constructed responses on each assessment.
  • There is also a 0-3 point rubric connected to each constructed response for the students to use as a guideline. (This will also be for your use in grading.)
  • You will get to keep a classroom answer sheet that will have your students' answers to the mutliple choice as well as the constructed responses.


This year, we will have the opportunity to review with our students after the assessments are over.

  • You will have an answer sheet to use in your classroom after you have given each assessment. This will allow you time to go through the correct answers with your students, so they are more knowledgeable about how well they did on the assessment.






5. CR

Write your answers for the Constructed Responses below in paragraph form.

Constructed Response #5

Constructed Response: Before beginning, please bubble E on your Scantron for #9. The question you will read next will require you to answer in paragraph form. Answer the question in the space provided on your Classroom Answer Sheet.

Sample Multiple Choice

-Letter from Into the Wild

(Carrie has copies of this letter to hand out.)

1. What is the author’s purpose in writing this letter?

A. To inform his friend that will not be seeing him for a very long time.

B. To inform his friend of his plans for an Alaskan odyssey.

C. To persuade his friend that he needs to live a less conventional lifestyle.

D. To persuade his friend that relationships are the most important part of life.

“You are wrong if you think Joy emanates only or principally from human relationships. God has placed it all around us.”

2. In this sentence, the word emanates most clearly means

A. results

B. builds

C. originates

D. concludes

3. What is the tone of the letter as a whole?

A. Defensive

B. Angry

C. Judgmental

D. Motivational

Sample Constructed Response

Try your hand at the Constructed Response Question.

What is Alex's claim? Analyze at least two rhetorical appeals that he uses in his letter to persuade his friend Ron. Use at least two pieces of evidence to support your answer.

Rubric for Critical Response on Into the Wild



Makes a claim stating whether or not Alex is a transcendentalist

Supports the answer with two relevant pieces of evidence from the text

Clearly and coherently explains the relevance of the evidence



Fulfills only 2 requirements of a level 3 performance



Fulfills only 1 requirement of a level 3 performance


Not Proficient

No response or does not address the prompt