Punaluu Beach !!

A beach project by Trevor Symons

the location of this beach...

This beach is located on the North American continent. Punaluu Beach is located in the USA on the big island of Hawaii. Its coordinates are 19 degrees North and 155.5 degrees West.

What type of Beach is this?

This Beach is very close to plate boundary and tectonic activity. Punaluu Beach is an active coastline because it is found on the leading edge of the continent where it is crashing into an oceanic plate. This Beach would also be a primary beach because it was created by tectonic and volcanic forces.

Photographs of punaluu Beach, Hawaii.

More Facts about Punaluu Beach

Punaluu Beach is what is known as a Submergent coast...

Submergent coast means over the past hundred years or so the beach has been losing coastline or has been "sinking" into the ocean. Punaluu beach is covered in black rocky sand primarily made of basalt rock create by lava flowing into the ocean and exploding as it cools. This beach is known for its rich black sand and the giant green sea turtles that sun bathe on the shoreline.