Islam Dietary Laws

By Anne Spatz B1 and B3

Overview of Islam Dietary Laws

In Islam there are many dietary laws and cutoms. One is that during the month of Ramadan you fast from sundown until sunset. Another is that there are foods that are not permitted. They are not allowed to eat pork, carrion, blood, alchohol, and anamals that have been killed in certain ways. The specific foods differ from the subcatagories of the religion. Not everyone will observe the same laws because of the subcatagories. Muslims will give food to the needy even if they are non-muslim. And lastly they believe that one's relationship with food expresses one's connection to holliness.

Menu For a Islam Dinner

Appetizer: Hummas and pita

Dinner- Italian Lamb Stew with Peppers

Dessert- Strawberry Tiramisu


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