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Harriet Tubman / 1990s

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was an African-American born into slavery, and she escaped. When she escaped she brought her family on the underground railroad and helped her family be free. She also helped many other slaves, and she helped with the underground railroad for many years.

Martin explained, when Tubman was 12 years old she took a blow to the head from a two pound iron. The person who threw it meant to throw the iron at a different slave, but it hit her in the head instead. From that day on, she had spells where she could just fall asleep at any time and anywhere.

According to Adler, in 1850 Tubman made her first trip to free slaves. One of her stops was at a soldier camp that she set up. She got paid from the government and she used the money to build a place for the soldiers to eat, sleep and shower. She took 19 trips to the south and freed 300 slaves during the trips that included end stopping at the camp.

The first trip she took to the south, explained in the article "Tubman, Harriet," she freed her sister and her sister's family. The next trip that she took she freed both of her brothers. Then her brothers helped her free their parents. Even after she freed her family, she continued to free other slaves.


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