Wednesday Minis

February 3, 2016

GIN System

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PRESIDENT Jenifer Mandelblatt

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful first day of classes and are getting some much deserved rest. I first want to thank Carson and Maple for a fantastic FMR and Elise and Ruby for a wonderful Bid Night!

A few notes:

  • There is a mandatory Tri-Council risk management meeting tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Panhellenic requires that I send someone in my place. If anyone feels comfortable with First Degree and is okay to miss the First Degree practice please let me know ASAP.
  • We will have our first chapter meeting of the semester this Sundayfrom 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm. As I will further explain during Chapter, we will be releasing end times for chapter each week in order to ensure that time is used effectively.
  • Composite Pictures are on Wednesday, February 3rd. Please sign up here for a slot.
  • Diversity Dinners will begin March 1st so as not to make New Member Period too busy. I will explain these again at Chapter. Get pumped!
  • There will NOT be chapter on February 7th as Council will be at NCTA.

As, always I am here if you need anything. Let me know when you want to chat and we can schedule something!



Hello all! Tomorrow is Pearl Sister Reveal, which is only for PC '16 and the Potential Bigs. Also, New Members will now be attending the AGR Mixer. This means that it has been changed to DRY. It does become wet though after a certain point, so I would really appreciate it if you all could make sure that all New Members are out of the house before it opens up to a wet mixer. The same goes for the Lambda Mixer on Friday night. It is crucial that we ensure that all of the New Members are out of the house by 10:45pm before it opens up into a wet mixer. If you could all help Ruby out with this (since Council will be out of town), I will be forever grateful. Then on Saturday is lazer tagging, but that's also only for PC '16 and the Potential Bigs. Also, look out for information that will be posted on the FB about the New Members. It will be a document with different info about them so that you can get to know them better. Also, continue to look for changes to the calendar for New Member Period, because it's subject to change!

POTENTIAL BIGS! Pearl Sister Preferences are due TONIGHT BY MIDNIGHT! Ruby and I will send out the assignments shortly after we finish the list.



VP O Grace Winant

Hey guys!

No chapter this Sunday since council is out of town! Our next chapter will be Sunday February 21st and we will have a presentation on rituals to prepare us for initiation!

Also, mark your calendars for April 16th-17th for parents weekend! Arielle and I willing be planning some fun events!

Check out the gin calendar for important dates for the month of February! I will continue to add dates of philanthropies, sisterhood events, mandatory events and all that fun stuffs for the rest of the semester in the next few days!

VP CS Miranda Deane

Please Sign Up for the Ithaca Polar Plunge!!

Here is our team page-

~Ithaca Polar Plunge is on March 19th. The plunge raises money for Special Olympics athletes~

It's gonna be so fun- come join me freeze my ass off for a good cause!!

Also keep buying nail polish for Girls Achieve Grapness!


FINANCE Arielle Anderer

Hi all,

Magazine Sale deadline has been extended to February 15th! Remember you need to sell $40 worth of magazines (profit doesn't matter, it only matters how much the magazines themselves cost).

Also, reminder to get all receipts to me. Deadline for Recruitment-related reimbursements is next Tuesday.



PANHEL DEL Erin Powder

Surprise! I actually have announcements today!

there's a lot so I'm just going to list them now:

SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS: Apply to the Greek Judicial Board so you can know secrets (and protect the safety and integrity of the Greek system here at Cornell). You should have received and email from Panhel's VPJ Alex Boylan containing the application about a week ago. If you have any questions email her at agb88 or if you're shy you can email me and I'll email her! It's not a huge time commitment and there's pizza involved. APPS DUE THIS FRIDAY!

RIP RECRUITMENT SKITS: what should we replace them with? Is this a question that keeps you up at night? If so join the committee of others who share this concern! Email Madalyn Baehre at mmb296 to apply. Include your name, year, position in chapter if you have one, why you want to be on the committee, and any ideas you may already have. App due Feb 14 at midnight.

GOT BLOOD?: there's a tri-council blood drive planned by Madeling (support a sister and save a life?!?!?) on 2/23-2/24. It's actually a really awesome thing to do and you look like a rockstar reppin the inner arm cotton ball all day.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything!



Appointed Officer Announcements

Relay for Life

Relay for Life Chair - Marissa Contento

Hey everyone! Guess what? 73 DAYS until Relay for Life 2016

If you aren't signed up for Relay, sign up now with this link and join the Kappa Delta team! (The earlier you sign up, the cheaper the registration fee!)

And don't stop there! Through the page you can send emails to family and friends encouraging to donate towards your fundraising goal!

peace, love, philanthropy

Academic Excellence

Hey everyone!

We are starting an "Academic Family" program within our sisterhood!

This should be a super exciting and useful way to meet and get to know sisters of all ages.

FILL OUT THIS SURVEY ASAP so we can get this started!



Junior Club Chairs

Hey guys!

Sorry for the confusion, but there will not be junior pre-mixer bonding at 303 before AGR because it is now a dry event! But we can't wait to see you all there and have sober fun with sisters!! #thesearchforlittlelittles

However, keep FILLING OUT THIS FORM! so we can continue planning events for us this month! Look out for an Abroad in Ithaca night coming up soon!


madeling and mariss




This is your save the date announcement for DATE NIGHT.

March 11th


Miyake & Plum Tree

Sushi is provided.

Lineage events before hand are highly encouraged!

(Seniors: show your *new littlest* a good time!)




Hello Friends!

On Monday the 8th at 7pm we will be having a sisterhood spa night at the house!! We will be painting nails, doing face masks and just having a good time! If you have any extra nail polishes feel free to bring them :)


Your Sisterhood Chairs

Kristina, Brooke, and Kimmi




Here's this week's line-up....

Thursday (DRY)

Who: AGR

Theme: Mean Girls. Grab your army pants and flip flops ladies

Time: 10PM Dry, 11:45PM Wet

Friday (DRY)

Who: Lambda

Theme: Highlighter. Grab your whites and get ready to light up with highlighters under black lights.

TIme: 9PM Dry, 11PM Wet

Saturday (WET)

Who: Sammy

Theme: Neon Rager

Time: 10PM WET

Sunday (WET)

Who: Phi Tau

Theme: Super Bowl

Time: 6PM

Also, if you go to every mixer this week, I (Justine) will give you a sick prize that can't be disclosed in the announcements- its that cool. Photograph evidence via picstitch plz


Char, Emma, & JBreezy