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By: Stella Yan


According to the FSEB, they have changed their decision on what defines a human, and the furthest you can go before you are classified as inhuman. " To be without a identity is just like being a robot", stated the CEO of the FSEB. If you don't have the important 10% you would have been defined as dead, and will be removed. If you go through a accident where you will have to lose your "butterfly", then you would be"let go". If anyone breaks these rules, then first we will explain through reasoning and give you a second chance to understand, but if you refuse, then we will take you by force.

Interview with The Jenna Fox

10 Questions concerning about Jenna After The Accident (FAQ)

Q1. How did you find out that you were less than 49% human?

A: Well, It started when I had cut my hand, I started to see blue come out of my hand. I was trembling on what was going on. By then, My parents finally confessed that I was 90% made of biogel.
Q2. What was your relationship with Ethan?
A: First we had a intimate relationship, but as we got to know each other, we became girlfriend and boyfriend. Then we got to live with each other for 70 years, they were precious times. He was also the first person to know my secret, other than my parents.
Q3. How did you feel when finding out that you weren't classified as a human?

A: Well I was deeply shocked, but to be honest, I was actually quite angry that my parents did that. I mean, what would you if you parents kept the biggest secret of your life away from you? (That was a rhetorical question) Though, after a while I understood that they were just trying to save my life. I really appreciated that.

Q4. How did you "die"?

A: Well it started when we were at a party. Then we had to escape because of the police. Kara attempted to drive away, but because of the reckless driving we got into a car accident.

Q5. How did Allys become just like you?

A: She started to have problems with her body. Soon, everyone knew that her time to go was coming. At first, when she found out that I'm illegal, she was going to tell the FSEB. Instead, her parents went up to my dad and requested for him to save Allys. That's how Allys was converted into a person like me.

Q6. What do you wish you did differently during that period of time?

A: I wish that I didn't over react on my parents. I never knew at the time that all they were trying to do was save me. Now I regret being so mad at them.

Q7. Who was the first person you met after the accident? (other than your parents)

A: I met Mr. Bender, he was always there for me and helped me so much.

Q8. What was the biggest problem during that period of time?

A: I honestly thought it was when Allys told me that she was going to tell the FSEB. When she whispered that to my ear, complete shock ran through my body. I started to sweat like crazy. Then Ethan started to panic too. If it wasn't for her parents to talk to my dad first, then I would be dead by now.

Q9. What do you think is the bad thing about living forever?

A: When everyone is aging and leaves the world while I still stand here being the same age I am. When Ethan and my parents died, I cried for months, but at least Alls is still with me.

Q10. Would you rather be dead, or have a shelf life? and Why?

A: I would actually rather be dead. My parents had given me a shelf life, but luckily I managed to change the direction of my life. Most of the time that's not the case. It wouldn't be right to stand and live a life without doing anything.

The picture below is Jenna Fox.


Monday will be sunny with a high of 92 and a low of 75. Within the day, there may be some wind currents coming around to the south.
On Tuesday, it will be Sunny with a high of 95 and a low of 74. 10% chance of rain, and wind currents can go up to 60 mph to the Southeast.
On Wednesday, It'll be stormy with highs of 90 and lows of 71. There will be an estimated 5 inches of rain.
On Thursday, there will be another stormy day with highs of 87 and lows of 76. The temperatures drop and as the chances of a tornado rise. 60% chance of a tornado with wind currents up to 90 mph to the South.
Friday will have some scattered showers of rain with highs of 85 and lows of 73.

Saturday It'll be partly cloudy with highs of 85 and lows of 70. There will be 40% chance of rain. Mostly likely the sky will clear up.

On Sunday it'll be a sunny day as all the rain is becoming accumulated with highs of 83 and lows of 71.