The natures of Hinduism

Some of the thoughts on Hinduism

How Animals are seen in Hinduism

Animals are sacred to the Hindus, especially cows. Most Hindu's are vegetarians and they will not eat beef, only the very poor people even consider taking a job as a butcher if they follow Hinduism. Some Hindu God's even have animal characteristics like Ganesh has the head of an Elephant and Hanuman takes the form of a monkey. They even go as far as making a law that says if you kill a cow it is illegal.

The Roles of Hindu Men

The laws of Manu are what Hindu men follow as a guildeline of how to live. They undergo four orders or Ashramas during their life. The Hindu men specify itnitiation starting as early as the age seven (Brahmin), 10 if Kyshatriya and 11 if Vaisya. Itnitiation constitutes their second birth. The laws of Manu forbade certain things like honey, mean, purfumes, spicy foods, girlfriends, gambling and even just looking at women. Throughout their lives they also live with a guru. All men get married at some point in their life because it is a natural state for men and women. Then with no incumencies the Sannyasi is free to devote their whole life for the search of God and Salvation, men who have done this are easliy reconized in orange robes.

Roles of Hindu Women.

Woman have specific expecations that they must live up to, these include:

1.) Be obediant to parents and elders

2.) Serve a worthy husband

3.) Be fully conversant in religious principals.

4.) Be and expert in household affairs and keep things clean and decorated.

5.) Dress and decorate to please her husband

6.) Control greed and passion

7.) Follow certain vows placed apon her

8.) Love and protect children.

9.) Dedicate time to spiritual practices and councel younger family members.