Harlem Renaissance

Sarah Hallett

The Birth of Jazz

The Harlem Renaissance was an explosion of art and culture. The source of the art was primarily from the African America community. They used cultural experiences to fuel their inspiration. Many great musicians, poets, artists, and authors emerged because of this movement. One of the most memorable genres of music to make an appearance, during the Harlem Renaissance was jazz. Duke Ellington was a renowned jazz artist, his music was a memorable legacy that will live on forever. But jazz wasn't just on the radio, but it also hit the great Broadway stage in the musical Porgy and Bess. It is a musical, with a score centered around jazz. The plot follows the hardships of an African American community.

If We Must Die

This poem by Claude McKay represents the fighting spirit of the African American community. They were fighting this persecution, racism, and segregation in their home. They expressed themselves to show their belief in equality, even in death.
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Duke Ellington