Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart | 1752-1791

Classical Music's Child Prodigy | Riley Jordan

Mozart: Child Prodigy

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born January twenty-seventh, seventeen fifty-two in Salzburg, Austria. With a strict father, Leopald Mozart, Wolfgang was to have high expectations. Being so, Wolfgang knew how to write notes before he could write his own name. By age nine, he had written his first symphony, Symphony No.1. He quickly gained fame and began composing for world famous events and people.
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Salzburg, Austria: 1899

The map (above) depicts Mozart's hometown of Salzburg, Austria in 1899. The old map shows the road systems at the time.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem Mass in D minor K. 626


Requiem was Mozart's final piece, even though he did not finish. After dying, his wife hired Mozart's past students to secretly finish the piece. After the situation became less popular, Mozart's wife admitted to the fraud, stating she needed the money to support her family.

Mozart's Legacy

Though Mozart was very popular as a child, his fame decreased as he aged. When he finally died at age 35, his body's location was unknown, and is still is a mystery. Today he is known as a brilliant musician, and his works are preformed in different styles everywhere.

Other Known Music

Symphony 1-41

12 variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Requiem Mass

Le Nozze Di Figaro (Marriage of Figaro 12)


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