The Old Man And The Sea

By Ernest Hemingway

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Character Analysis

The main character in the book The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway is Santiago. Santiago was an old fisherman from cuba who was thin and gaunt with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck. He had spots of skin cancer on his cheeks and deep scars from handling fish hooks. Everything about him was old except his eyes. "They were the same color as the sea."(10) Santiago was very patient and determined. Santiago was very patient because he didn't catch a fish for 84 days, but still kept going to catch fish although he had no luck. Santiago used to be the best fisherman, but than his luck ran out. An example of how Santiago is determined is that he never gave up when trying to catch the big Marlin no matter what obstacle was put in front of him. He also was determined to catch a fish even though he gone 84 days without having a fish. After a long hard fight to catch a huge Marlin he caught, but only half of it as a shark had taken the other half.


The theme of the book is to never give up no matter how difficult life gets. Santiago character shows the theme through his actions. For example, he never gave up when he was on his hunt trying to catch the giant Marlin. This shows how the theme of the book is to never give up in life. Another example is how when the old man went day after day without catching a fish, he still kept trying. This book is very important because it gives a valuable lesson on how when life gets hard u can't give up you have to persevere and overcome the obstacle. Another theme is to be grateful for anything that u get no matter how little. The book relates to this because when Santiago caught the Marlin half of it was eaten because of a shark attacking it, but Santiago was still grateful for the fish he had caught.


The book The Old Man And The Sea takes place in Cuba. It takes place during the mid 1950s in a small town. In this town fishing is the man line of work. Many kids start from young ages to help there family out. For example the boy is put with Santiago to catch fish for his family. The story also takes place at sea. The sea is big factor in the plot. As the man point of the story is Santiago's long journey at sea trying to catch the giant marlin and all the obstacle he overcame to catch it.

Book Reccomendation

I recommend this book to other readers because it gives a valuable lesson. Its shows how in life you will have hard times, but if you keep trying and if you are determined to succeed your ultimate goal will come true. I recommend anyone to read this book because it is also a very interesting and good book. The book also shows that if you are kind to someone it will be repaid. Finally the book shows that true friend will always be there for you. It shows this by when the boy returned to help the old man carry his gear after he's done fishing even though he is on a different boat now. Ernest Hemingway teaches a lot of lessons in this book that can be used in all aspects of a persons life.