The Fishy Fight

killer whale vs great whit shark.

The Fishy Fight facts

Did you know killer whales teeth are 4 ft long and if it loses its tooth it does not grow back? The killer whale can swim up to 30 miles an hour with its tail or fin. Shark's teeth are 3 ft long but when they lose their teeth they grow back.If a great white shark and a killer whale were to get into a fight the killer whale would definitely win. the killer whale will defeat the great whited because they are intelligent and they can swim 30 miles per hour.

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How strong is the killer whale

the killer whale in the picture is coming back in the water from when it jumped out and the size splash tells it is stronger then all animals.

Is the killer whale faster then the shark

The trap from speed.

The killer whale is bleeding so the shark starts to swim to it but the killer whale senses it first and was already swimming at 30 miles per hour. Suddenly, they ram into each other but they are both still ready to fight, so the whale keeps swimming lively as if to tell the shark “You can't get me!” luring the shark into a trap. Clearly, the killer whale will demolish the shark because of the whales speed.

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The Intelligence Fight

What does the brain help the killer whale.

Next, killer whales have colossal brains that can help make a strategy vs the shark. The killer whale's brain is bigger than mankind it's what makes it so smart. This brain helps them know strategy to get food and to win battles. It is clear that the killer whale has an advantage vs the shark because it can trick the shark and dodge the attacks too. I know the killer whale will win with strategy and caution and intelligence.

Where The Fight Ends

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In conclusion, many people might assume the shark will win because of the movie jaws but in real life the shark is no match for the killer whale. The killer whale will eliminate the shark with its speed of 30 miles an hour and it will wallop with its intelligence. The shark has no match against the killer whale because of the killer whales intelligence so it can trick the shark into a trap.

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