by Casey Thompson (b3)


Once upon a time, there was a small, cheerful kitten, named Catpunzel. She grew up in a small, hollow tree, with a wonderful miniature home inside. she lived all by herself, satisfying her own needs in her own ways.

Rising action

One day, Catpunzel's fur started growing!!!! Soon, it was 5 feet long!!!! It continued growing, becoming unmanageable!! Right that moment, FOOM!!! A wildfire started near her tree!!!! She made it out alive, but her lovely cottage was ruined!!!
She was so furious!!! She was only able to save her lovely red bow, that had looked good on her once short, beautiful grey tabby fur. She angrily lashed at her fur, only it did nothing. Only a long knife would work.


Suddenly, a prince appeared!! Catpunzel dashed away, and found a tall tree. Better than nothing!! She climbed up swiftly, trying to keep her heavy exhaustion inside herself. She heard a small, meowingful voice at the bottom of the tree tower. The voice said, "Oh beautiful kitten, oh beautiful kitten, let down your fur!!!" She GAWKED!!! She yowled down, "ok.... I DARE you to climb up."
"What? Pookay, I flare new oo trill pup??"

Falling action

She stormed down and karate pawed him!! "Dont come back!!!"

"EEEEEEEKK!!!! I WONT!!!!" She found the prince's sword on the grass, and happily used it to cut her fur nice and beautiful.


She became the cutest cat, and kept her fur short and pretty, now wearing that cute red bow. She found a new short, cool tree and lived happily ever after.
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