Antarctica and Madagascar


Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent in the world. If you are brave and can handle rough seas and extreme weather test it. Antarctica will pay you back with unique animals like penguins, seals, and narwhals.

Thing to do in Antarctica

One thing to do in Antarctica is freeze. Another thing is touring around giant glaciers.


There are two main ways to get around Madagascar

By flying or by being driven by a guide.As a big rule there people tend to fly around the north and drive in the south. In Northern Madagascar distances are huge and roads poor and for these reasons it's best to fly. Air Madagascar has a network of flights, all of which originate in Antananarivo and travel to the major towns and islands.

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places of intrest

The birthplace of the Malagasy state, Ambohimanga is 20km from the capital. Known variously as "the Blue city", "the Holy city" and "the forbidden city", it is surrounded by forests. The citadel was an important Merina stronghold and retains several structures associated with their ceremonies. Its main gate is an enormous stone disc; 40 men were needed to roll it into position.

The East Coast
is a popular beach resort on the east coast (but not for sea-bathing because of sharks).
Taolanaro (formerly Fort Dauphin), in the southeast corner of the island, is the site of the first French settlement. Parts of the 17th-century fort remain. The city and surrounding area are famous for seafood and for orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants, which can be seen at the Mandona Agricultural Center at Sainte-Luce Bay.other places to visit in Madagascar.La Corniche ; Mandeha Reserve ; Lokaro Bay ; « Tranovator The Portuguese Fort ; Andohaela Reserve ; Bay of Galions