Raffaello Sanzio

Life and Times

Raffaello Sanzio(Santi) da Urbina, commonly known today as Raphael, was the most legendary painter of his time. Born and raised in Urbino April 6th, 1483, His father taught young Raphael how to paint, as he was a popular painter at the time. Raphael was also taught his skills by Timoteo Viti, even though it was believed he was talented in painting at birth.

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Raphael was constantly traveling. He spent most of his life in his hometown of Urbino. He went

to Florence for 4 years when working with Pietro di Vannucci, but exceeded everyone's skill. In search of a new location, Raphael settled in Rome with thanks to his relative, Danato Bramante.

During his 12 years in Rome, Raphael encountered many great artists. He also found a rival in the great Michael Angelo Buonarroti, or Michaelangelo as he is known as today.

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