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This is why you don't throw gum outside. (With a three-year-old's commentary.) Hummingbird rescued!


Hummingbirds have a long, narrow beak that allows them to reach the nectar from brightly colored flowers they also feed on insects. They also have a flexible lower beak to catch insects while flying.

Mouse and hummingbird

Let's compare and contrast the mouse to a hummingbird the mouse is little and the hummingbird too, BUT the hummingbird has wings and the mouse not her difference is that the mouse feeds on leftover food and the hummingbird feeds on insects and nectar.

Where can the hummingbird can be found

The bee hummingbird is a specie of hummingbird that is endemic to dense forests and woodland edges on the main island of Cuba and on the island of isla de la juventud .

Kind of biome the hummingbird lives

Is primarily found within mature forests edges, where there are plenty of bushes.

How the hummingbird sleeps

They go to a hibernation-like state called torpor this is really deep sleep. Their metabolism lower to 1/5 of normal sleep.

What does the hummingbird eats

In addition of their diet they feed on insects and nectar of the flowers

How often are babies born to hummingbirds

Mother hummingbirds will usually have two eggs laid on different days.