HMS Virtual Learning Newsletter

Week of April 27- May 1

Thrive on Five Friday Learning

This week our district is starting a new program called Thrive On Five to take place each Friday. This is an opportunity for students and their families to take time to learn something new and personally interesting to them. our Academic Services team worked with teachers and students to create the Middle Level Choice Board.

Each column on the chart connects to one of our LPS Graduate Profile qualities. Your child can pick one or multiple options to work on. They can also use this time to catch up on work they might be missing. Students and families will still have access to teachers on Fridays if they have questions about their work or need help.

Teachers won't be scheduling video meetings or due dates on Fridays so students can be free to pursue their learning choices. We will also make sure that the amount of work that is assigned each week can be completed Monday to Thursday to allow time for Thrive on Five Fridays. I recommend looking at the choice board before Friday to make a plan for the day. Many of the options can be done as a family and can be done more than once or any time they like. I also encourage students to share their work and creativity with their teachers to show off their success.

-- Scott Carr

Fun Events in May

We have two new virtual events for HMS students in May:

* Poetry Slam- Starting this week and continuing until Friday, May 8th I am going to put together a video collection of students reciting their own original poetry or a favorite piece they want to share. Each student can record themselves with their phone or laptop. Then they can send it in using this FORM. I will take the videos and connect them together to make a complete show that can be shared on our website with families. This is a great way to show off their creativity and writing skills.

* End of Year Talent Show- Each year we end the year with a student recognition assembly that includes talent acts from many of our students. Se we can't do it in person, we are going to put together a virtual talent show to share the last week of May. Talents can include singing, playing an instrument, dance routine, gymnastics routine or many other ideas. If your child would like to participate, they can start by sending me their plan using this FORM by Friday, May 8th. Once their plan is approved, each student will record themselves performing their act. We will put them all together to create an entertaining show for everyone.

Daily Announcements Continue

I have continued to record daily announcements for HMS students. I encourage you to have them watch so they catch up on any upcoming virtual events or information regarding the fall. Sometimes we record some goofy and fun segments with staff. You can find the announcements on our website at

HMS Leadership Application is Now Open

We have three different student groups at HMS that are directly involved in leadership opportunities such as assemblies, spirit weeks, achievement incentives and other great activities that make HMS a positive experience for students. We have one application for all three so that the sponsors can try to balance the opportunities. You can fill out the application HERE.

The three groups are:

* Breakfast Club- For 7th and 9th graders-Breakfast Club’s purpose is to help students at Heritage feel valued and have a sense of self-worth. New Breakfast Club members will be trained on how to look for students who need encouragement or help with a sense of belonging in our school. Breakfast Club's goal is to create a school where the social atmosphere is characterized by mutual acceptance and respect, where differences are admired and valued. This club is a group of student leaders from various groups united in making their school a more open, welcoming and positive place.

*WEB- For 8th graders only- WEB stands for "Where Everybody Belongs" is a middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes 6th graders and makes them feel comfortable throughout their first year of the middle school experience. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, the program trains mentors from the 8th grade class to be WEB leaders.

*Student Council (STUCO)- For 7th and 8th graders- Student Council is a leadership group who works closely with the HMS staff to develop programs and activities that promote a positive and successful school culture. They give the student body a voice on important school issues by representing and communicating questions and needs to the HMS staff. Student council members are involved in creating assemblies, spirit weeks and academic incentive and recognition programs throughout the year. STUCO is in charge of the HMS Flight Program that recognizes students for their effort and success at HMS

The LPS Sprigeo System

At school we spend a great deal of time advertising and showing students how to use our Sprigeo reporting system. This anonymous online report can be used by students and adults to let school administrators know when there is something unsafe happening at HMS. Sometimes this includes a peer who is talking about self-harm, a bullying situation, or substance abuse. The Sprigeo system can still be a useful tool while we are away from school too. If your child is concerned about a peer, they can use the Sprigeo system to reach out for help. This might include text messages for online chats about self-harm or anxiety that is going un-reported. It can include cyber-bullying through online posts or videos or many other possible negative events that your child feels they need help with. Parents can also use this site if their child is hesitant to report. You can find the link HERE and on our HMS website.

Some Great Resources For Your Family

Here is a list of online activities and resources that can be done together as a family.

* Character Strong-Week 3- I will send out this weekly Kindness Challenge. for you all to do together. The login is resources and the password is kindness.

* The Kennedy Center- Interactive experiences in the performing arts.

* The History Channel- Stories arranged by topics.

* iCivics- Great games and activities related to politics and American government

* Tinkercad- a 3D CAD program with tutorials to teach you how to design 3D models.

* Prodigy- A free and fun math game that most of our students already have an account.

* The Kid Should See This- A wide variety of videos for curious minds of all ages.

* John Spencer Design Challenges- A playlist of short challenges that can be done at home.

Family Support from Liberty Public Schools

The district has created this WEBSITE page specifically for family support. This includes information regarding free take and go meals and community resources. I encourage everyone to visit it and read through the valuable information.

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