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Check out these two new Fever List worthy products. I've added some solid new services and techniques to my Digital Marketing Agency using Social Post Suite, and Omar Martin's Easy Video Solutions is helping me to scratch my 'I-Hate-Video-But-Know-I-Need-It-So-Shut-Up-and-Help-Me-Make-It-Easy' itch. As always, I'm interested in what you think... Shoot me some feedback.

Thank you and looking forward to working with (and helping) you!


#1 - Social Post Suite

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New LEAD Generation Tool that ROCKS Facebook Posts!

To effectively market on Facebook you probably know that you need a great LEAD GENERATION tool. Besides, the price for an app or an external web page can be costly, and only a small percentage of users will ever click through to then be captured as a lead… Social Post Suite will REALLY turn user traffic into buyers…

Social Post Suite is a super low-cost lead generation tool

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Social Post Suite allows you to:

  • Integrate real, functional opt-in forms and landing pages DIRECTLY inside the Newsfeed and Fanpage posts to collect ultra-targeted leads
  • Simple dashboard enables you to create your campaigns in seconds
  • Post to ANY Facebook page you admin and generate leads

White Label Gold!

You'll also find a massive Facebook white label package. This is perfect for product creators, Affiliate Marketers and Offline Marketers alike. It includes White Label rights to three of Sam Bakker's most popular products - Social Post Press, Mobile Smartlink & Consulting In Minutes.

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Plus - did I mention that you can schedule your interactive lead generating content right to your Facebook Page Timeline??? …Yep the leads can be captured RIGHT INSIDE THE NEWSFEED.

#2 - Easy Video Solutions

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Another hit by a favorite JV Marketer of mine, Omar Martin... Easy Video Solutions will teach you how to maximize video in your marketing.

Videos don’t have to be hard or expensive to create. Believe it or not you can make an awesome MOVIE QUALITY video with just your smart phone and some cheap online editing software.

You can also outsource the whole editing thing that way you can focus on the most important component of your video: the SCRIPT. The VIDEO SALES COPY can MAKE people buy your products!!!

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to construct a unique sales video once you get a hold of these templates.


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