Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

Weekly Update

September 15th through September 20th

Hello Friends! We had another great week in Kindergarten! It seems like we have very nicely drifted into our routines and the flow of the day is going very well. We added a new aspect to our reading block this week. The students were paired up and now spend about 20 minutes working on Buddy Reading. During this time, they sit with their partner and look for sight words, make up a story that matches the illustrations, answer literacy comprehension questions and work on developing strong literacy skills. They really love doing this! Also, on Monday we made homemade applesauce and completed our first "how to" writing assignment! We have moved on from patterns in math and are now focusing on really firming up our counting skills and number writing skills. Seeing a backwards number occasionally is totally okay, but we really want to focus on perfecting those skills in the next few weeks. in science, we are working very hard on using our critical thinking skills to help us solve questions and problems that arise in our current science unit. This unit is all about how scientists solve problems and how they work together as resources. Our first big question was all about roller skates and how they work and how they are built. It is really fun to see the little wheels turning in their minds! We have been working on a really great social studies project this past week. We are focusing on the world around us and learning all about our street, our town, our state, our county, our continent and our world. Next week, we will have our project hanging up that goes along with this unit. You will have to make sure to check it out!

Housekeeping :)

Homework papers are sent home on Monday. Mrs. Beaulieu will put the little homework packet on the left side of the folder. If something goes home during the week that is on the right side of the folder, that can just stay at home.

Enjoy your weekend!