Be Natural- Say "No" to GMOs

-Joseph Overman

Microscopic Killers

GMOs consist of the unnatural genetic modification of plants and animals. So far, scientists and humans have been lucky. Eventually though, luck will run out, and the genetic engineering will create lethal pathogens. With the nutrients and vitamins pumped into the crops, the pathogens have the potential to be massively deadly and spread throughout the crops- Unnoticeable until it's too late.

Pandora's lunchbox

With genetic engineering, practically anything is possible. While the benefits may seem good, the problems that arise will be worse. Since it's relatively new in history, nobody truly know what can happen. GMOs could help humankind, or could lead to its demise in countless fashions.

The fragile environment

Humans have easily become the dominant species, extending their domain over all other living things. Because of this anthropocentric view, companies care more about themselves and less about the environment. Studies have linked GMOs to countless scenarios of environmental degradation. With the power that we as humans have, it would be wise to control ourselves, or risk harming nature AND ourselves.

Failing oversight

The government agencies in charge of providing regulations over GMOs (FDA, EPA, Department of Agriculture) have proved time and time again to be insufficient for the task at hand. Adequate testing is not being done. When any margin of error can lead to a catastrophe, taking a risk is not worth it. Until governmental agencies are able to control the science of GMOs, accidents are inevitable.