What do I want?

either i get it for my birthday or for christmas


so, I was thinking about what I want, I want an electric razor scooter. my mom thinks its not safe so im not even going to try to get it, my mom wont let me.

Still going to try

I want a razor scooter. I will be safe on it, I will wear a helmet every time I ride it, and I will be careful with it and keep it safe

One reason you should get it for me is because I will be safe on it. for example, I will go slow and not let the neighbors ride it. Even if they want to ride it I wont let them because I need to be safe with the razor scooter.

Another reason you should get me a razor scooter is because I will wear my helmet every time I ride it. For example, if I ever wanted to ride my scooter and you saw me not wearing a helmet, you could ground me from my scooter, so I would eventually learn to wear my helmet all the time.

Although you should get me the electric razor scooter because I will be safe on it and I will wear my helmet every time, you should really get me the Razor scooter because I will be careful and keep it safe. For example, when I go over bumps or on a big turn I will go slow so I don't wreck my scooter. like on the entrance to the coldasacs, that is a big turn so I would go slower on the turn to keep the scooter safe.