The Legacy Times

Volume 19 - March 2019

Director's Spotlight - Shanna Grubb

Dear Parents,

I’m so proud of the girls and all they accomplished at competition! They have shown an amazing amount of grit and are learning so much about perseverance and hard work!

Thank you so much for everything you did to make competition run so smoothly from our moms who spent hours putting rhinestones on lyrical dresses, making goody bags to those who helped with curtains and props. We couldn’t have done it without every little thing you did behind the scenes to make it happen including waking up early to get your girls to practice each day so thank you so much for everything!

The year is going so fast! Spring Clinic and Spring Show will be here and the year will be coming to a close before we know it. We will need to all pull together to make spring show amazing but I know we can do it! Please recruit little ones from your friends and relatives to dance at our clinic and then perform at our spring show. Also it would be so helpful If you can please re tweet and share our flyers on social media and possibly send a personal text to those you feel comfortable inviting. This is a great opportunity for our girls and our program to bless the community with the gift of dance.

I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break and am looking forward to a fabulous Spring Show!

“Together everyone achieves more, there is no I in TEAM”

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RISING IN SUCCESS! Legacies did a fabulous job at both Crowd Pleasers Contests earning many awards. We are so proud of your hard work!

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Booster News - Board Elections 19-20

Nominating Board Committee:

A huge THANK YOU to those who volunteered or were nominated to be a member of the Nominating Committee. We are pleased to have a representative from each grade level, as it is our goal for all grade levels to have a voice. The committee will be conducting the remainder of the nomination items on the timeline below to prepare the SLATED Board at our May 21st meeting.

Nominating Committee 19-20

Chairman - AJ Barkley (sophomore)

Freshman Representative - Kristina Steinhauser

Sophomore Representative - Carol Cochran

Junior Representative - Caroline Watson

Director/Asst. Director - Shanna Grubb & Olivia Hargreaves

Administrator - Kenny Durand

Nominations for Board 19-20

Be sure to nominate yourself or an active booster member using the following link.

Legacy Line Backer Board Nomination 19-20 FORM

*Deadline for board nominations will be March 21st

* If you have any questions, please contact AJ Barkley, Chair of Nominating Committee, at

Slating the 19-20 Legacy Line-Backers Board:

Feb. 11-22: Deadline to nominate a booster member/yourself for Nominating Committee (President will then notify those nominated and assemble committee)

March 4: Deadline for Nominating Com. Chair to send President the Board Nomination link

March 8: Board Nomination link added to March ENews

March 22: Deadline for Board Nominations (nominate booster member/yourself)

April 1-5: Nominating Com. Chair sends out board questionnaires to nominees

April 8-26: Nominating Com. collects/compiles/sorts all completed nominee questionnaires

May 6-17: Nominating Com. meets/decides/calls/confirms slated board positions

May 21: New LL Backers Board 19-20 announced at booster meeting

*Reminder: Legacy Line Backers Booster Meeting - May 21.

Click HERE for the Booster & Board Calendar 18-19

1st VP (Social): Brooke Smith

Crowd Pleasers Competitions:

Sending a big thank you to all who donated so generously for the Legacy Line competition goody bags! I know they were appreciated and useful for the girls during those long competition days!

Spring Show:

We’re excited to provide the team with a fun treat after each of their Spring Show practices (April 1-4). We’ll be asking parents from each class to buddy together to provide a treat on a specific rehearsal night, and I’ll be sending out a sign up genius with more details soon!

Legacy Line 2019-2020 Team Luau:

Save the date for the 2019-2020 Legacy Line team kick off event, a luau party at Hula Hut restaurant in Little Elm on 6/9/19. This is always a special night of fun and bonding for the new team!

2nd VP (Fundraising): Danielle Woods

Spring Jr Dance Clinic: Saturday, March23rd @ 8:30am-12:30pm

  • The Dance Clinic starts the excitement for SPRING SHOW!
  • Each of the participants will have an opportunity to perform during the Spring Show
  • Friday, March 8th, Legacies will go to feeder elementary/middle schools to pass flyers out
  • Spread the word to family and friends who have dancers in grades K-9th
  • Committees have been contacted and met at the last booster meeting


Spring Show: APRIL 5th and 6th @ 7pm

  • This is a HUGE fundraiser of the year!!
  • Posters and flyers are posted and passed out to get the word out!

If you would love to see your beautiful Legacy in the program please click on the link below.
  • Be sure to complete all three steps: complete Order form, payment, and email digital pics.
  • Spring Show Programs Order Form Ads final submission is Wednesday, March 6th.
  • Thank you to those who have already purchased ads. We have surpassed our program sales goal!!


Want to be a part of the SPRING SHOW?

We'd love your helping hands for the Spring Show. Be sure to sign up using link below.

SIGN UP to Volunteer at the SPRING SHOW

Past Board Member: Christie Halverson

We are gathering a ton of ideas to RISE UP and CELEBRATE our Legacy Line at the end of the year. If you would like to join the EOY party committee and work with our wonderful social officers, please email Christie Halverson at the following email address:

Coming in March

  • 3/5 Get a Leg Up Clinic for LL Tryouts 4:30-6pm
  • 3/7 Officer Tryout Meeting in WHS Library @7:30pm (parent and candidate)
  • 3/8 All Legacies Passing Out Flyer 7:15 (designated feeder schools)
  • 3/19 Get a Leg Up Clinic for LL Tryouts 4:30-6pm
  • 3/23 Spring Clinic 8:30-12:30
  • 3/26 Get a Lag Up Clinic for LL Tryouts 4:30-6pm
  • 3/27 Move into Auditorium/Set Floor
  • 3/28 Practice 4:30-6:30pm
  • 3/29 Practice Ensemble 4:30-6:30pm
  • 3/30 Staging and Rehearsal All Day
  • 3/30 Staging Rehearsal - all day
  • 3/31 Coed/Staging Rehearsal 8:00-9:30pm

Looking Ahead in April

  • 4/1 Stage Rehearsal 5:30-9:30pm
  • 4/2 Tech Rehearsal 6:00pm
  • 4/3 Friday Dress Rehearsal 5:30pm call time
  • 4/4 Saturday Dress Rehearsal 5:30pm call time
  • 4/5 CALL TIME 5:45pm and Show Time 7pm
  • 4/6 CALL TIME 5:45pm and Show Time 7pm
  • 4/9 Officer Tryout Notebooks Due
  • 4/10 Officer Tryout Interviews begin
  • 4/15-17 Team Member Tryout Clinic 4:30-6:30pm
  • 4/18 LL Team Tryouts 5pm
  • 4/19-22 Good Friday and Easter, no school
  • 4/26 Officer Tryouts 5pm
  • 4/29 No School - Staff Development

*Stay up to date with the latest calendar please CLICK on link below for 2018 Calendar and select month.


President (Mona Savage) -

1st VP (Brooke Smith) -

2nd VP (Danielle Woods) -

Secretary (Lisa McManus) -

Treasurer (Margaret Wilson) -

Past Board Member (Christie Halverson) -

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