MSA Parent Update

April 17, 2020

The End of the School Year is Coming Quickly

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With the switch to remote learning, please read carefully. There are many changes and updates that we want to make sure you know about as we go through the rest of the time of distance learning. The end of the school year is closer than it may seem!!

Shout Outs and Thank You for Assuring Online Learning is Working

We have transitioned in a big way, going from being in school on March 12th to developing and implementing an online learning environment two weeks later. The entire school, students, teachers and staff have had a huge learning curve, but we have done it. As we long for the day that we can reunite on campus, we want to recognize some special people who have made this all happen.

Your main contact with the school has been our school advocates and liaisons. We wanted to give them a shout out because they have been an integral part to assuring that our school year is continuing in this online environment.

Teachers have recreated their curriculum and expectations for students to continue to educate and keep learning moving forward. A shout out to them as well.

Students have changed their daily routines, developed new ways to learn, and have done a lot of transitioning to make our distance learning happen. A shout out to you!!

Finally, to you, the parents and support systems for your children. Without your commitment, none of this is possible. A shout out to you!!

It has taken a team effort to refocus, revamp, and teach in a new way, and especially on short notice as we had to do through this pandemic. We thank you all for your dedication to the school and the commitment to assuring that our educational mission continues!!

Progress Reports Available - April 24, 2020

Progress reports will be exported to your child's Parent Portal on April 24th. Please be on the lookout for them, and review them with your child. There is only a little time left in the school year to address any issues they may be having in a class. It is important that students do as well as they can in EVERY class.

Please contact the teacher or guidance if you have any questions.

Online Learning Update - Grades Count

We understand that this is a stressful and overwhelming situation for a lot of people, and that everyone is doing their best to keep up. We just want to remind you about the importance of staying up to date on classwork and encourage you to reach out for help if you are falling behind or having trouble getting started.

We wanted to remind all parents and students that your online learning for quarter 4 counts!! Students must complete their Fourth quarter classes to get credit for the class. Not completing this work can potentially result in having to repeat the class next year, being held back in a grade level, not being promoted to High School, or not graduating.

If anyone needs support during this difficult time, we encourage you to reach out to your advocate, your teacher, your counselor, or the Administration team. We are here to help you succeed, and want to ensure that you have the resources needed to do your part in the process!

We value your input, and appreciate everyone who has completed the parent/student survey already. We will use your feedback to make changes to our instruction. If you have not completed the survey, please do so by clicking the link here.

Thank you for your continued support!!

Patriotic Art Competition

Congratulations to Senior art student Mia Hereford for being moved on to the state level of the Patriotic Art Competition, sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Auxiliary State of Florida. Mia created an emotional multi-family painting of her uncles in the military.

We wish her the best as she goes on to the next level in this prestigious competition.

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Yearbook Updates

Yearbooks are still on sale!

Get your Manatee School For the Arts yearbook today!

High Schoolers:
Middle Schoolers:

Want to see photos from events around the school? Go to MSA Yearbook on Facebook and follow us to get new photos every week. The book may be off to the printer but we are still gathering your memories.

MSA Yearbook Facebook Page

Attention Book Lovers!!

Attention book lovers! Miss the library? Miss checking out books and diving into amazing worlds from the comfort of your own home? Or are you just not a big reader and now your social distancing boredom has pushed you to open a book? You are in luck! Please check out the MSA library home page, where you will find 6 different ways to check out e-books for free, from any device! You will also find some awesome book suggestion lists with the hottest YA reads of 2019/2020. Please email Mrs. Dunfee at for questions. Happy Reading!

HEAT / JV HEAT Auditions

For those interested in joining Varsity or JV HEAT for the 2020-2021 school year we are planning for a virtual tryout.

In the first week of May, be on the lookout for a Google Classroom code to join either the Varsity or JV tryout page. You will be able to find all the details you will need to complete the tryout on this page. For now focus on your coursework for your classes. Virtual tryouts will be towards the end of May, giving you plenty of time to prepare once the codes come out. The code will be posted within current dance Google Classrooms, parent updates and on social media.

We look forward to seeing you in May.

Early College and Dual Enrollment

Information about Early College at MSA (Dual Enrollment) was shared with students and parents this week via email. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Quin at

Attention 6th Grade Parents - Required Shots BEFORE Entering 7th Grade

All 6th Grade Students must get more shots before 7th Grade.

The State of Florida requires proof of immunization for all students entering 7th grade each year. This proof must be on the official State of Florida Immunization Form (DH680... the Blue Card) which is obtained from your doctor's office or the Health Department. The following immunizations must be documented on this form:

* Tetanus, Diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (Tdap) - This is the update shot that you need for 7th Grade.

* Hepatitis B vaccine series

* Varicella vaccine or the year of disease

* Two doses of MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)

Please see your doctor or the Health Department for more information and to assure that your child has met these requirements. This documentation must be submitted to the school before the first day of school next year (August 10). Students will not be allowed to come to school until these shot requirements are met. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

2020-2021 School Year Calendar

Believe it or not, it is time to get ready for the next school year! Remember that MSA follows the Manatee County School District calendar. Please check the calendar as you make family and other plans for next year. Attendance at school is one of the biggest indicators of student success. Your attention to school days and planning time off during the school vacations is greatly appreciated.
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Upcoming Events

May 2020

14 - Last Day for Seniors

June 2020

4 - Last Day for ALL Students

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