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August 9, 2021

It's the first week of school!

It's finally here! School begins on Wednesday, August 11th, and the Renner staff has been working hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for our students starting with day 1! You can read details below about what Renner has in place to provide a safe environment for everyone.

We had an awesome turn out for Renner Round Up last Thursday, but no worries if you didn't make it. There will be a 6th grade Meet and Greet on August 9th and a virtual open house on August 25th for other grade levels.

Still need school supplies and spirit wear? Renner PTA has you covered! See below for more details!

We're also covering parent drop off and pick up, arrival locations, dress code, and much more in this newsletter!

Nemisha Bhakta, Principal

It was great meeting so many Renner families during last week's Renner Round Up! I can't wait to meet the rest of you soon! I am here to serve, so please feel free to reach out to me or any of our grade level principals if you have questions or need assistance.

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Meet our Grade Level Principals

Counseling Corner

Renner's New Office Manager, Margie Feagley

I have worked for PISD for 6 years working various positions and before my employment with PISD I volunteered in the schools for 8 years. Children of all ages are my passion! I enjoy watching children grow and learn both academically, socially and emotionally. I am honored to have the position as Office Manager of Renner Middle School and I am very excited to work with the Renner staff and parents.

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August 9th - 6th Grade Meet and Greet (6pm-8pm)

August 11th - First Day of 2021-2022 School Year

August 12th - Picture Day

August 25th - Virtual Open House

6th Grade Meet and Greet

All 6th graders and their families are invited to the 6th Grade Meet and Greet! We will begin in the gym with an introduction of campus administrators, counselors, and some basic campus information. From there everyone will transition to the student's 1st period class and then follow the student's schedule for the rest of the evening. Each class period will be approximately 7 minutes long. The Meet and Greet will begin promptly at 6pm, and it will be important to be on time so you don't miss important information! You'll have an opportunity to learn more about your child's teacher and what to expect from the course. It'll be a very informative evening, so please be sure to attend!
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Purchase School Supplies and Spirit Wear from PTA!

Our Renner PTA is currently selling school supplies online for families who want to avoid the crowds in stores. Visit to purchase your 2021-2022 PTA memberships, school supplies, spirit wear apparel (now including masks), yard signs and car decals and more!

If you didn't get a chance to pick up your pre-purchased supplies last week, Renner PTA will be distributing again from 6pm-8pm on August 9th during the 6th Grade Meet and Greet. A limited number of supply packs will be available to purchase on site with cash, check (made payable to Renner PTA) & credit card payment options.

Please contact with any questions.


Please know that the safety of students and staff is our number one priority at Renner and Plano ISD, and we are doing everything we can to have a healthy school year. Despite the challenges of COVID 19, Renner has put into place several practices that we hope will mitigate risk and keep our students and staff safe. Rest assured that parents and staff will be notified when there is a positive case reported in the school.


All staff and visitors should self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms daily. Families should screen their students for COVID-19 symptoms daily. Campus visitors and volunteers will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening upon check-in.

Staff and students should NOT enter campuses or district buildings if any of the following apply. The individual is:

  • Sick with symptoms that could be COVID-19. Symptoms to watch for: fever (100°F or higher), cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, fatigue, congestion/running nose, nausea/diarrhea, new loss of taste or smell.

  • Has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or has been in close contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19. These individuals must follow all isolation and quarantine guidelines from the local health authority or their physician.

  • Is awaiting their own test results.

Campus staff and parents/guardians may continue to utilize virtual tools to conduct meetings in order to meet the needs of our parents/guardians.

  • Volunteers must be pre-scheduled and approved by school staff.

  • No cafeteria visitors will be permitted during the 1st nine weeks.

Parents and guardians are welcomed to walk their child into their classroom on the First Day of School.

Texas Schools are required to comply with the governor’s executive order regarding the wearing of masks. The use of face masks is optional for all students, staff and visitors and may not be required. It is recommended that individuals who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 continue to wear an appropriate face mask while around others. Universal indoor masking is recommended and encouraged for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. (Collin County Health Care Services, CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics AAP).

Masks will be available for all students, staff and visitors upon request in the main office.

Isolation Protocols

  • For students displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or feeling feverish, the school nurse will provide a clinical assessment.

  • Students who are ill should be picked up within 30 minutes and no later than 1 hour from the time the campus has contacted the parent/guardian.

  • If an individual who has been in a school is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19, the school must notify its local health department, in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, including confidentiality requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • Areas of the building that are heavily used by the individual with a lab-confirmed case (student, teacher or staff) will be deep-cleaned, if the individual was present in the past 24 hours.

  • Students and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will be permitted to return to school when:

  • They are 24 hours fever-free without using fever-reducing medication; and
      • Improved symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.); and

      • 10 days have passed since symptoms began; OR

      • 10 days have passed since test date, if not experiencing symptoms.

  • If a student or staff member has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and wants to return to school prior to meeting the above criteria, they must obtain a medical professional’s note clearing them for return based on an alternative diagnosis or receive a negative PCR or antigen test.

  • Unvaccinated staff members displaying COVID-19 symptoms will follow district protocols including isolation from students and other staff members.

Protocols for Handwashing/Sanitization


  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the main entry to the campus, in classrooms, in the cafeteria and in common areas throughout the campus.

  • Staff and students will be expected to regularly wash or sanitize their hands.

  • Requirement for hand washing and/or use of Plano ISD-provided hand sanitizer:

    • Provide hand sanitizer upon entry to classroom and periodic teacher reminders during instructional day.

    • Habitual and thorough hand washing after recess, before eating and following restroom breaks.

Daily Campus Disinfecting

  • Each classroom and restroom will be cleaned daily by custodial staff.

  • All high-touch areas will be cleaned throughout the day by custodial staff.

  • Cafeteria tables will be disinfected after breakfast and after and in between lunch periods by custodial staff.

  • Staff will have access to cleaning solutions to use on working surfaces, shared objects and high-touch areas as needed.

  • Staff will reduce the use of shared supplies/materials when possible. All shared items should be sanitized regularly.


  • Disinfecting by custodial staff will occur throughout the school day.

  • Staff and students must wash hands with soap and water prior to exiting the restroom.

  • Visuals indicating proper handwashing techniques will be displayed to consistently reinforce this practice.

Cleaning Protocols for Positive COVID-19 Cases on Campus

The following protocols will be used in addition to the aforementioned daily campus cleaning and disinfecting protocols, along with nightly disinfecting of all high touch areas and horizontal surfaces such as desk tops, table tops, countertops and work spaces:

  • In the event of a confirmed case, the identified classroom, work space or area will be disinfected by the custodial staff with an electrostatic sprayer.

  • In the case of multiple confirmed cases on a campus, the custodial staff will disinfect classrooms, restrooms, athletics, fine arts areas and all additional areas throughout the school facility with an electrostatic sprayer.

Renner Specific Protocols

ALL Renner students' and staff member's decisions regarding his/her own safety while on campus will be respected. We trust families to make decisions based off what is best for them, and we will respect and honor everyone's decisions.


  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival.

  • Students must adhere to campus entry, exit and transition procedures to reduce large group gatherings in close proximity.

  • Students will be assigned to report to a specific area and will be expected to adhere to schedules for morning arrival.

  • It is recommended/encouraged that students and staff wear masks when entering the building and waiting in the designated waiting area.

  • When using the cafeteria, students should follow assigned seating guidelines

  • Students are expected to stay seated until they are dismissed by a staff member.

  • Students will have access to use the restroom while they are in the cafeteria, gym or any other area as they wait to go to their classroom.


  • We have revised our bell schedule to continue a staggered transition period between classes. Providing staggered transition periods alleviates congestion in the hallways and allows for more social distancing.
  • We will continue the use of one way hallways for pods to assist in the alleviation of congestion in the hallways and allow for more social distancing.


  • Assigned seating for lunches
  • Students will be expected to follow campus guidelines for cafeteria procedures.
  • Students will be seated according to a seating plan for students
  • All students are expected to wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to entering the cafeteria.
  • Students are encouraged to read and adhere to expectations
  • No third-party food deliveries will be accepted at any campus.
  • Parents or guardians may only drop off food for their own child.

Water Fountains

  • We have water bottle refill stations on campus
  • Students and staff are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle for use throughout the day and take water bottles home to be cleaned on a daily basis.


  • We want all of our students to feel safe and our parents to feel rest assured when they send their children to school at Renner every day. If there is a special request you would like to make, please feel free to reach out to your grade level principal. While we cannot guarantee that every request will be fulfilled, we will attempt to do whatever is in our ability and within reason to fulfill.

COVID-19 Campus Response Protocol & Notifications

Notification to Parents and Staff:

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Renner Bell Schedule

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Renner Traffic Map

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Bus Transportation

To check eligibility and bus stops for your home address, visit the school district’s Route Finder tool. Please check the route again the day before school in case updates are made to bus routes.

Morning Arrival

6th Grade Students - 6th graders will either have breakfast in the designated eating area in the cafeteria and then move to their designated spot in the main hallway, or if they do not want breakfast, they will report directly to their designated spot in the main hallway.

7th Grade Students - 7th graders will either have breakfast in the designated eating area in the cafeteria and then move to their designated spot in the small gym, or if they do not want breakfast, they will report directly to their designated spot in the small gym.

8th Grade Students - 8th graders will either have breakfast in the designated eating area in the cafeteria and then move to their designated waiting spot in the cafeteria, or if they do not want breakfast, they will report directly to their designated waiting spot in the cafeteria

Important Reminders!

  • Carpool arrival time - ideally 8:10 or after - 1st period starts at 8:25. Students should not arrive on campus before 7:50 am.
  • Please print your schedule or take a picture so your child knows their room numbers.
  • Renner floor plan map (with room numbers) is linked & pictured below.
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Blocked Schedules & Balancing Classes

Please log in to Parent Portal Tuesday morning to check your child's schedule. Counselors are currently working to balance classes, and this could create changes to your schedule as the system will update Monday night at Midnight.

At this time, we are not able to make schedule changes for elective classes.

  • Click on "Access and Edit Student Registration Forms"

  • Toward the top & left of the screen, you should see a box that says "View 2021-2022 Schedule" - Click there

  • In order for your child’s schedule to be released, all registration forms must be updated through parent portal. If your child's schedule does not come up after updating all registration forms, there could be a block due to library fines, cafeteria fees, incomplete immunizations, or returned mail has signaled the need for updated residency documents.

  • If your child’s schedule is blocked, please contact the following people in order to clear the block:

Renner Student Dress Code

Students’ dress and grooming are expected to be in keeping with accepted community standards. Failure to follow the basic guidelines stated below will result in a request to change into appropriate clothing for the day.

Beginning this school year, all Plano ISD middle school students are required to wear an ID badge every day. Students will be provided an ID badge and a grade level specific lanyard(color coded) free of charge the 1st time. Students will be expected to wear these ID badges on their school issued lanyards around their necks throughout the day. Since the lanyards are grade level specific, students are not allowed to change them out. Information regarding replacement badges and lanyards and their associated fees will be forthcoming.

1. Shoes must be worn at all times.

2. Students may wear shorts that meet the following standards:

a) Must be LOOSE fitting; no biking shorts, cutoffs, boxer shorts or combination thereof.

b) Must be MODEST in length.

c) Must be VISIBLE. (Shirt cannot fully cover shorts)

3. Dresses or skirts must be longer than fingertips.

4. Yoga pants or tights must be worn with a t-shirt, shorts or dress that modestly covers your front and back.

5. Tank tops, racer-back tops, tube tops, halter-type blouses, sheer lace or mesh shirts, pajamas, or nightwear will not be permitted. Sundresses will be permitted if modestly cut. Shirts must overlap the waistband of skirts, shorts, or pants and have a modest neckline.

6. Items with provocative, offensive, violent, or drug-related pictures or slogans will not be permitted. Items with derogatory, terroristic, or insulting messages will not be permitted. Items advertising alcoholic beverages or tobacco products will not be permitted.

7. No hats, caps, hoods, chains, or sunglasses. Bandanas may be worn only for a functional purpose.

8. Any ripped or torn clothing must still be modest. Torn shirts must have a shirt underneath that fits within dress code guidelines. Rips, tears, or holes in pants must be located at fingertip length or lower.

9. No sagging pants or shorts.

10. No gang paraphernalia.

11. No visible pierced jewelry other than earrings.

12. All students are expected to meet community standards and school policies with regard to health, cleanliness, and appearance. All safety rules must be obeyed.

2021-2022 Renner Football & Athletics

Follow this link for a message from two of our Athletics students, Sebastian Langley and Shane Parker, regarding 2021-2022 Boys Athletics at Renner Middle School and the Renner football program -

For more information, contact our Athletic Director, Kevin Kelln at

Come support our Mustangs at one of the games below!

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2021-2022 Renner Volleyball Tryouts

Girls 7th and 8th grade volleyball tryouts will be Monday, August 16th - Thursday,

August 19th.

You must have the following forms completed before the first day of tryouts:

● Physical

● Rank One online forms (

● There are 6 online forms that must be completed in Rank One:

○ Medical History Form

○ Emergency Card

○ Extracurricular and Guidelines Statement

○ Travel Permission and Event Combo

○ UIL Forms Signature Page

○ Accident Insurance Coverage

All forms can be found under the Renner Middle School Athletics website

Parents please either bring a hard copy of your daughter’s physical to the front office

of the school or email an attachment of your daughter’s physical to (8th) or (7th).

RMS Girls Athletics Interest Form

Once you complete and submit this form, you will be receiving information via email throughout the year regarding tryouts (volleyball, basketball & track), paperwork deadlines and updates on all girls sports at Renner. Thank you for completing this form for the Renner Middle School Girls Athletics program!

Click the link below to join our email list:

Atletismo Femenino de RMS 2021 Pruebas de Voleibol

Las pruebas de voleibol de niñas de grados 7 y 8 serán del Lunes 16 a Jueves 19 de


Debe completar los siguientes formularios antes del primer día de pruebas:

● Física deportiva

● Formularios en línea de Rank One (

○ Hay 6 formularios en línea que deben completarse en Rank One:

■ Formulario de historia medico

■ Tarjeta de emergencia

■ Declaración de directrices y actividades extracurriculares

■ Permiso de viaje y combinación de eventos

■ Página de firmas de formularios UIL

■ Cobertura de seguro de accidentes

Todos los formularios se pueden encontrar en el sitio web de Atletismo de RMS

Padres, por favor traigan un comprobante de la física de su hija a la oficina principal

de la escuela o envien un correo electrónico adjunto de la física de su hija a (8th) o (7th).

RMS Formulario de Interés en Atletismo Femenino

Por favor complete este formulario si su hija está interesada en ingresar en un deporte el

próximo año. Una vez que complete y envíe este formulario, recibirá información por correo

electrónico durante el año con respecto a los equipos de voleibol, baloncesto, atletismo de pista y campo, los plazos de papeleo y actualizaciones sobre todos los deportes de las chicas en Renner. Gracias por completar este formulario para el Programa de Atletismo para

Chicas de las Escuela Intermedia Renner.

Haga clic en el enlace de abajo para unirse a nuestra lista de correo electrónico.

District Updates for Families and Students

Return to School Plan 2021-2022

View a video message from Superintendent Sara Bonser regarding the 2021-2022 Return to School Plan.
Return to School Plan 21-22 - Message from Superintendent Bonser

Free School Meals

All Plano ISD schools will continue to provide free meals to all students throughout the 2021-22 school year, regardless of family income level. A la carte items will be available for purchase. Menu information can be found on the Food and Nutritional Services (FANS) website.

No application is required for students to receive free meals this school year. However, since the district is still required to collect and report socioeconomic information to the Texas Education Agency for the purposes of annual state accountability ratings, as well as federal reporting and funding, Plano ISD is collecting an alternative Socioeconomic Information Form from all families via Parent Portal.


Visit the district’s website to see a list of required school immunizations.

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

The 2021-22 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance coverage is available for Plano ISD parents to purchase through AXIS Insurance Company using this Enrollment Form included on page 4 of this document. These forms are also available on the Student Insurance webpage.

Parents can access the following on the above webpage:

  • Coverage and premium options (premiums state are a one-time annual payment)
  • Enrollment Form
  • Claim Form and instructions for filing a claim

For additional information, parents may contact Combined Benefits Group at 800-749-6458.

Athletic Forms

Athletic forms, including accident insurance and emergency cards, are available online.

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