Power of choices project

By-Tyler W.

The Necklace

Madame Losiel chose not to tell her friend the she lost her necklace when she said in the text, "We must consider how to replace the ornament.". She borrowed 36000 francs just to buy a new necklace and went into debt working as a house wife for ten years. Then when she sees her friend she tells Madame Losiel it was worth 500 francs because it was a fake.

When Madame Losiel said she needed a new dress for the ball her husband gave her his money he had been saving for a hunting trip to make her "happy". "Very well. I will give your four hundred francs. And try to have a pretty gown". Her husband was being very generous because Madame Losiel was ungrateful for the dress she already had.

Contents of a dead mans pockets

Tom benekes paper with his research on it flies out the window and climbs out on the ledge to go after it. By the time he gets to the papered he realizes that it wasn't worth risking his life for and figures out if he doesn't find a balance between his wife and work he'll ruin his marriage.

"filling the yellow sheet that had brought him out here. Contents of the dead mans pockets, he thought with sudden fierce anger, a wasted life."

Personal Example

One time I had madden 12 and I wanted to get nba 2k12 really bad so I stopped playing the madden until I could get 2k and the I lost the madden disc and I was sad because I didn't get the 2k game either.

Life lesson

Life lesson is appreciate what you do have and don't focus so much what you could have.
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"Appreciate what you have right now, because you don't always get a second chance." -Janna Flick.

I chose this quote because it ties into both stories like when tom almost died but he didn't and that's like a second chance to make things right by spending more time with his wife and Madame Losiel didn't get a second chance because she wasted 10 yrs of her life paying back debts that were unesseceary.

What impact do choices have on ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities?

Even though it might not seem like it our personal choices impact others in ways we don't know. Like for example oif you cheated on a test you might think, "oh cool I got a good grade, what's so bad about cheating?" but then you didn't consider the impact of cheating. There could be a curve and if you do really well then your friends will get a lower grade, also the teacher will think she taught the material well, even if she didn't and your cheating because all she did was tell you to read a meaningless textbook. Your parents might be proud of your grade and expect that from you on every test but if you don't cheat again and get a worse grade they'll be scratching there heads wondering where you went wrong and so on and so forth.