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Why you should join


One of the big things we chat about in Stella & Dot is your "why". Why did you sign up? Why do you keep building your business? What keeps you motivated?

My why? My boys, Ayden and Isaac.

I joined Stella & Dot in May 2014 because I knew I'd be taking a pay cut for maternity leave, and frankly, I wanted to make sure we could still feel comfortable paying bills while I was out. I also knew that, although I love spending time with my children, I needed something for myself to stay sane. So in order to "get out", have fun, and make money, this was the perfect job for me.

Other GREAT Benefits

How do I sign up?

Joining is very easy! Go to

For only $199, you get $350 in product and everything you need to start your very own business. You'll have great support and so many opportunities to grow your business through the online stylist lounge and social media.

What is your "WHY"?