Who is the siren from Starbucks?

Starbucks & mythology

How did it all started?

In 1971 Starbucks was first going out to the market world, Starbucks was looking for a logo with a nautical theme that captured the spirit of Seattle, and according to Starbucks' website, this siren was the perfect symbol to represent all that.

It is a twin-tailed mermaid/siren what we see in the Starbucks logo, and her name is Melosine.

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Who is Melosine?

The twin-tailed siren that we see in Starbucks its actually a mythological creature that is called Melusine. The legend tells that she was a beautiful woman that could transform herself into a serpent (or a fish) from the waist down while bathing. And that the Duke of Aquitaine, Raymond, fell in love with her, so he begged her to marry him. So she did, with the only condition of not disturbing her while she bathes. Raymond was very suspicious and one day he decided to spy her while she was bathing, his shocked reaction reveals his betrayal to Melusine, she transformed herself into a dragon and got very furious.

What is the relation between Melosine and coffee?

There is really no relation between what the starbucks logo represents and between its mythology meaning, because there is no connection between coffee and Melusine. But Starbucks might have picked her just because it represented a siren/mermaid, and mermaids have to do with ocean and the seafaring life, and that is what they wanted their logo to represent.
Just as Starbucks, there is a lot of more companies that relate to mythology too. Either in their names or logos, they connect to mythology in some way. And this is a clear example of how mythology affects our today's life.