Edmond Doyle News


We are almost finished with our state testing! Your children have been giving a lot of effort and using their skills and techniques they have been learning all year. No matter what the results are we all know that everyone...teachers and students have tried their best and have given their best effort! No one can ask for more!

We have lots of activities planned for the next weeks. Please remind your children that school is not over and that fun activities are to be enjoyed. They cannot be enjoyed if everyone isn't using their best behavior. Unfortunately, sometimes students don't get to participate because of poor choices. No one wants this to happen, so encourage them to be their best! Check for notes about upcoming events and plans!

Please turn in your planning forms if you have not already done this! Spaces fill up and we need to make sure your child has a place here at Edmond Doyle!

Attendance and being on time is always important. Please make sure you are here every day! School isn't over and we have a lot of things to still do with your child. Several children have already missed over 17 days and some are getting close. This affects your child's education and our school report card. Hopefully you saw the article in the paper about our school. The staff at Edmond Doyle working with great parents=successful children! Thank you for being awesome!

Our 4th graders have the highest attendance record with 3rd grade right behind! 1st and 2nd can rally before school's out.

1st grade - 93.23%

2nd grade- 92.98%

3rd grade-94.18%

4th grade-94.74%******

Yearbooks still on sale. You can order them online at http://www.jostensyearbooks.com for $25.00.

Upcoming Events:

April 1st-26th--State Testing

April 19th-3th/4th grade visiting library to see Gilcrease Exhibit

April 23rd-Buffalo Artist Zonly Looman will visit-thanks Indian Education

April 25th-Elementary Track Meet-2nd-4th grades..starts at 4:30

April 29th-4th grade visits the Science Museum

April 30th-3rd grade visits Will Rogers Memorial

April 30th-Art Night-6:00p.m.

May 2nd-Music Makers-6:30p.m.-S. Arch Auditorium

May 6th-Kindergarten visits Edmond Doyle

May 7th-4th grade visits Parker

May 9th-2nd Grade Outdoor Classroom

May 10th-No School

May 14th-Talent Show--9:00a.m.

May 15th-Award's Assembly--tba

May 16th-Super Kid's Day--Last Day of School

May 28th-Summer School Begins

June 28th-Summer School Ends

July 23rd-K-8th grade enrollment 12:00p.m.-6:00p.m.

July 24th-K-8th grade enrollment 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m.