Elementary Math Curriculum Update

November 11, 2014

Pearson Lessons in SMART Notebook

We are looking for some teachers who are comfortable with Pearson Realize and SMART Notebook to put enVision lessons in SMART Notebook for all teachers to access. We know in some cases, some work has already been done, but we would like to finish out the whole year. There will be a $550 stipend for every 4 topics (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16). If you have already completed some of this work or are interested in doing future work in your grade level, please contact Sherri Lorton by November 21. If we have more than one person who has completed, or is interested in completing, the work, the stipend will be split.

Questions for Pearson, especially regarding Realize website

At the most recent PD day, I asked K-3 teachers to compile a list of questions and concerns for Pearson regarding the Realize website. Those questions, along with those I have received from building and PLC visits, are being passed along to Pearson. The beginning of this list of Questions and Answers is being compiled on HowellNET and can be found by clicking: Collaboration, Units and Elem Curric, District Math Information, Realize, or by clicking this link:


All grade levels, please continue to send me any questions you have about Pearson Realize. I will continue to add to this list as I get more information.

Math Pacing

As a reminder, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd grade, and 5th grade should finish through Topic 7 by Christmas Break. Grades 2 and 4 should be on target to finish through Topic 8 by Christmas Break. If your team feels this will be a stretch, please let Sherri know ASAP. We can work together to find a way to get your team back on track.

Math Year One Review

In February, representatives from each building and each grade level will get together to discuss progress on the district's new program, EnVision Math. Pacing and assessment are some items on the agenda, but if your team has additional topics you think would benefit the district as a whole, please email Sherri. Dates for the meetings for each grade level are below. Please use sub code 053 for these dates. Morning meetings will be 8:45-11:45 and afternoon meetings will be 1:00-4:00. All meetings are at the DLC on Howell High campus.

  • Kindergarten: 2/17 p.m. and 2/26 a.m.
  • First Grade: 2/17 a.m. and 2/26 p.m.
  • Second Grade: 2/9 p.m. and 2/19 a.m.
  • Third Grade 2/9 a.m. and 2/19 p.m.
  • Fourth Grade 2/2 p.m. and 2/18 a.m.
  • Fifth Grade 2/2 a.m. and 2/18 p.m.


The purpose of our district professional development days is for teachers to gain knowledge, skills, and tools to be even more effective in the classroom in order to improve student achievement. This is different from the collaboration time in your building that all of us value as professionals. Your presenters and I want you to feel your time is well-spent and will continue to work to make them as beneficial as possible. After our math PD days, the presenters and I look at the survey results in order to continue planning PD for future sessions. I wanted to address some frequently asked questions and frequent comments from those surveys here.

Collaboration Time

Collaboration time seems to be appreciated and one of the most valuable part of the professional development days for many of our teachers. Many teachers have asked about going back to their buildings for this time. While we will continue to set aside time for teams to collaborate on those days, it will be important that you bring any materials you need as all groups at all levels are expected to stay in their assigned locations.

Some of you have also asked about collaborating with other teams. The collaboration time set aside, generally at the end of your session, is the perfect time for this. You are welcome during this time to meet up with other teams OR work with your own team, or do a bit of both!

Break-Out Sessions

Break-out sessions also seem to be valued by many of our teachers. As long as there are people willing to share their knowledge and experience, we will offer break-out sessions. If you have something that works for you and/or your team, please let Sherri Lorton and/or the presenters for your grade level know. As you know, teachers appreciate anything that makes their lives easier.

Why isn't Pearson presenting on District Days?

Our contract with Pearson included a set amount of professional development days. It was necessary to give teachers training prior to implementation (Spring 2014). Additionally, the majority of our teachers have found the math lesson study to be extremely valuable. Purchasing additional days for coming to our district half-days was not within our budget. The presenters and I will continue to consider your suggestions to make our PD days as beneficial as possible.

Bringing Materials to PD

Some of the items suggested to bring to our half-days are for use during collaboration time. We will be more specific about these items and note which are for use during collaboration time in the future.

Fractions Presentations in Grades 4-5

Many of you commented that they didn't understand why there was a focus on fractions when we don't cover fractions in enVision Math until later in the year. Since we only had one day to focus on math this year, fractions was chosen since it is the biggest change in CCSS for the upper grades. This is such a huge change that it was important for teachers to best understand, or in some cases, be reminded, how students learn these concepts best.

Benchmark Assessment Adjustments

Based on feedback after the Quarter 1 District Assessments, there will be some changes made for the remaining District Quarterly Assessments. Adjustments will be made so that questions will be given over only those areas that have been taught (cumulatively). For second quarter (December test window) each grade level will be assessed on the standards noted below:

  • Kdg: K.CC.5, K.CC.6, K.OA.3
  • Grade 1: 1.NBT.2, 1.OA.8
  • Grade 2: 2.NBT.1, 2.NBT.3, 2.NBT.5, 2.NBT.8
  • Grade 3: 3.OA.3, 3.OA.5
  • Grade 4: 4.NBT.5, 4.NBT.6
  • Grade 5: 5.NBT.3, 5.NBT.6, 5.NBT.7

If your team made SMART Goals based on this assessment, adjustments can be made to your goals. Please contact your principal, Sherri Lorton, and/or Bryan Williams if you have questions about this transition.

Assessments to Enter in Mastery Connect

Information was recently sent out to EDCs showing adjustments to the assessments that are required to be put in Mastery Connect. On HowellNET, you can find a document with all required assessments for all grade levels in one, as well as separate documents for each grade level. Those documents can be found here: http://howellnet.sharpschool.net/cms/One.aspx?portalId=2671325&pageId=20032824&objectId.725075=20106879&contextId.725075=20032827