Engineering the Future

October 5th, 2020

School Updates

Valley High School has entered the Governor's STEM Challenge sponsored by Los Alamos National Labs. One team will address the question, "How can you combine New Mexico's natural resources with technology to address regional/global needs?" The team will construct a project model demonstrating the application of the question and how it relates to real-world problems/solutions. High School STEM class curricula will be illustrated through case study methodology and co-curricular learning tools. Thanks to Amy Jaramillo for taking on this exciting endeavor with some of her computer science students.

Garfield STEM Middle School has entered a team in the Future City competition sponsored by Sandia Labs. Future City is a project-based learning program where students in 6th-8th grade imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future. The mentors from the Manos Computer Coding program, sponsored by Sandia Labs, are having such a great experience working with the Garfield students that they are signing up to help support the team.

Mission Avenue Elementary STEM School has added numerous new PLTW modules to their arsenal this fall. Preschool has jumped on board and all grade levels are diving into two new modules.

Pre K.2 Floating and Sinking

Pre K.4 Spatial Sense and Coding

K.5 Sunlight and Weather

K.6 Living Things: Needs and Impact

1.2 Light: Observing the Sun Moon and Stars

1.3 Animal Adaptations

1.4 Animated Storytelling

1.5 Designs Inspired by Nature

2.3 The Changing Earth

2.5 Living Things: Diversity of Life

3.6 Life Cycles and Survival

3.7 Environmental Changes

4.6 Organism: Structure and Function

4.8 Earth: Human Impact and Natural Disasters

5.7 Patterns in the Universe

5.8 Earth's Water and Interconnected Systems

The modules intentionally connect to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as the best practices in science education as outlines by the A Framework for K -12 Science Education.

Magnet Certification Work

The three ETF schools have been working overtime to take a close look at the Magnet Certification Process. Teams from each school have been creating systems to store artifacts, and collect data, developing recruitment plans, and documenting the journey over the past three and a half years that each school has taken since being awarded the grant. Thanks to the following individuals for their hard work and valuable contributions:

Valley: Ron Worley, Claire Wood, Brett Lovette, Mary Sellers, Sharmila Goradia, Deb Milligan, Ryne Martinez-Metzgar, Doug Smith, Erin Gillespie, Amy Jaramillo, and Serri Grube.

Garfield: Daniel Guiterrez, Josh LaClair, Abel Abeita, Melanie Lucero, Rebecca Carter Keesling, Pam Campos, Taryn Kellog, Joseph Varela, and Sonya Tronosco.

Mission Avenue: Frances Garcia, Helana Greenblatt, Laurel Grimes, Michelle Joseph, Sabrina Garcia, and Eleanor Martindale.

What is Happening Next

Open House at Garfield is October 7th 6:00pm!

Fall Break is October 8th and 9th. Enjoy a well deserved break!

The Magnet Schools of America is hosting the first virtual Fall Technical Conference October 14th-16th. Teams from each EtF school are attending and will bring information back to their respective schools.

Explora is hosting a teacher professional development Making + Coding on October 14 from 2:30-4:30 pm.