The Leopard Call

Ladd Newsletter: September 16, 2020

School Board Vote!

The school board voted last night that if the district is in the Yellow Operational Zone, elementary students can return to in person school on October 5th. See the decision matrix to understand what the colors mean. We are currently in the Red Operational Zone.

As we prepare for an in person return, there is a lot for us to communicate. We have MANY protocols to share with you regarding our mitigation plan. This link of the main changes is very important to review. It explains everything from masks to buses to outside movement breaks.

We will be sharing Ladd specific information over the next several weeks.

PE and Music at Ladd

I don't need to tell you that remote learning is a challenge at times. At Ladd, we feel that it is important to learn and adapt. Ms. Mulready is now teaching at the BEST homeschool program. We are developing a plan to continue music instruction. We highly value the importance of Physical Education and Music education, so we decided to keep the best parts of these subjects and lose the stress. Through reflection and parent feedback, we decided that we needed to make change. We will provide feedback to students, but we will not be placing grades into PowerSchool. We will still have synchronous meetings and we will still provide engaging activities/ideas for students. Moving forward, each student K-6 will have a NS and 7/8 will have NG. Both of these indicated that there is not sufficient data to make a determination and it is a "do no harm" policy, meaning that it does not reflect negatively on your child. Again, we would love to see children on Google Meets and taking advantage of the great ideas shared through SeeSaw and Google Classroom. PE and Music are vital to creating well-rounded, confident and academically strong individuals.

Break Aide and Teacher Assistant

As we prepare for students to return to the building we have posted the above positions (Break Aide and Teacher Assistant). Break Aide is to help us cover classrooms while students eat lunch. Teachers are eating their duty free lunch at the same time in a different setting. This position only works as a temporary employee while students are in the building (no conference or PD days). The Teacher Assistant position is for the entire year and will help to supervise classrooms, but also help to follow through on teacher instruction in the classroom. For example, a teacher may be in the room for direct instruction and then rotate to another pod. The Teacher Assistant will guide students to complete their assignments. Check out the HR website or call the school if you are interested in learning more.

FREE Food Service - Breakfast & Lunch During Remote Learning

The Summer Food Service Program has been extended. ALL FNSBSD students can pick up free breakfast and lunch from any school in the district 9:00-1:00. We would love to see you at Ladd, but we also understand that Arctic Light may be easier for you to reach. No problem, you can pick up your meals there. It's best to reserve/order ahead of time, but you can always call Ladd and speak to David. He'll be sure to help you out.

Admin Staff at Ladd

Cori Anthony: Principal; Joni Jackson: Admin Secretary; Rhonda Gottschalk: Attendance Secretary; Kristy Weaver: Counselor; Kelly Zerbst: Special Education Clerk

Alison Casper: Nurse; Alexandra Arndt-Brown: Behavior Aide (Ms. A-B)

Patricia Garrett: MFLC