North America

By Joseph and Sam


The main languages in North America are English, Spanish, French, and Danish.


The US Democratic government, and people enjoy rights such as the freedom of vote, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and many others. The Canadian government is a Constitutional Monarchy, while the Mexican Government is a Federal Republic.

Religions/Belief Systems

85% of people in North America are Christians, while other religions include Islam and Judaism. All of these religions believe in one God who wants the best for everyone.


Most people in North America live in Urban Settings, or cities and towns. Most of the homes are around 1000 square feet with 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

Family Relationships

Most people in America and Canada have a 4 person family, while in Mexico you can see larger families of maybe 5-6. The families are organized by the male working, the female cooking and cleaning, and the kids going to school. Most kids go to a university at age 18 and leave their parent's homes.

Social Structure/Wealth

The social classes include the lower class working class lower middle class upper middle class and the upper class.

Wealth is concentrated in the higher ranked people or the 1% of the population while there are a lot of poor people

Fashion, Literature, Art, and Music

1) The fashion in america is "ecletic and predominately informal" according to Wikipedia. The popular music is Pop or Dubstep, and books are common in most households. Art can be sold for a lot of money, but is made throughout the early years.

2) Some important artists are Katy Perry, a singer, and Jeff Koons, a painter


1) They educate their young mostly by sending their children to public schools until they're 18 and then going to a university, or being homeschooled

2) Children learn Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science mainly

Trading Networks

1) People can trade a job or work for money or currency, which is the most common. Also people trade their goods like crops for money.

2) Trade is often through ports and harbors on the coast

Land Use

1) Some of the land are cities and suburbs, while a lot of the land is open and some of it is used for farming.

2) Some of the land is used for farming while some is not, mostly the land in rural areas are used for farming


1) Most of the people in America are caucasians, yet there are a lot of immigrants such as Europeans, Hispanics, and Asians who all make up the populace

2) Women and Men have the same rights, but they have different roles in their families but in their communities as well.