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When my wife, Christine, and I reflect on the process of purchasing our home with our real-estate agent, Diane Terry, we could use many words to describe the experience including: easy, exciting, fun, eye opening and quick.

Christine and I were referred to Diane by our friends; Scott and Lisa. They had nothing but praise for Diane and highly recommended her to help us walk through the process of purchasing our first home. Being newbies in the scary world of home purchasing, the task seemed daunting and we were definitely out of our comfort zone. However, the anxiety about the unknowns of home purchasing went away when we met Diane one bright morning for our introductory meeting. Diane’s thorough explanation of the purchase process and her willingness to answer all of our questions was a great relief and put us immediately at ease. Diane’s fun, easy-going nature and extensive background in real-estate, confirmed that we were working with a professional who would have our best interests.

All of our assumptions about Diane’s character and integrity were realized once we began searching for our new home. Diane helped us steer clear of properties that we, wrongfully, thought might be contenders but were already showing hidden symptoms of future problems. Her knowledge of the market and little intricacies that we would have otherwise missed helped us narrow down our list of potential properties quickly. During our walk-throughs of properties, Diane had a lot of extremely helpful insights into each location and highlighted things we might otherwise have missed. Finally after a thorough vetting of properties, we found a property that met all of our needs and more of our wants than we expected to find in our first home. Diane’s knowledge of the market resulted in us putting in an offer on the property that was rational and resulted in us coming in under our allocated budget. From our first meeting to move in was under 30 days.

Diane’s real-estate background and personality made our first home purchase an experience that was full of met expectations and realistic timelines. In addition to relying on Diane’s knowledge of the real-estate market, she was also a tremendous help with the little peculiarities of purchasing a new home. Her helpful tips saved us money, heartache and wasted time. Diane was also a great source for ideas and suggestions that were outside of the actual purchase of our home. We would recommend her without hesitation and with much enthusiasm!

-Martin Kaduc and Christine Kaducova


Managing Broker Windermere Real Estate Company Lakeview Office


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