Project Harambee

Connecting global communities

What were all about

Project Harambee is a community service project led by Dr. Mutindi Ndunda which promotes sustainability and unity with our family in Kenya right here on the College of Charleston campus. We believe that through "Harambee" we can "all pull together" and impact our world in a positive and far-reaching way.

Want to get involved?

Sunday, Jan. 12th, 5pm

Stern Center, College of Charleston

-Time and place is subject to change

Study Abroad Opportunity

When: May 15- June 2, 2014

Costs: $ 4,105

Which Goes Towards:

- Airfare

- Traveling around Africa

- Food


- Project

Class Credit For Entry Level:

- Business Class

- Health and Education

Volunteer On Campus

We understand that some students cannot afford to participate in study abroad programs but would still like to be involved. Project Harambee is always looking for volunteers to help spread the word of the organization to other students or help raise money. Just because you can't physically be in Africa with the community doesn't mean you're not making a difference!

More Questions?

Dont hesitate to ask us about the organization and how you can get involved!

Contact us at: