"The Debater"

What should I know about "The Debaters"?

People with the personality type of ENTP love to argue! I cannot stress this enough. Even if we know we are possibly wrong, we will still pick a fight with you. This is why we are called "The Debater".
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Some new things I learned

From taking the test, I learned that I am 100% extraverted. I am also very intuitive, prospecting, and slightly turbulent. Even though I would have never admitted to it before, I do recall being easily set off with something small someone might say.

My Strenghts and Weaknesses

Strengths: I am knowledgeable, a quick thinker, original, an excellent brainstormer, charismatic, and energetic.

Weaknesses: I am very argumentative, can sometimes be insensitive, intolerant, find it difficult to focus, and sometimes dislike practical matters.
Another thing I found very interesting was what the quiz had to say about my relationships, being romantic or friendships. It said that I like to push people to their limits to see how they will respond back, and once again, argue frequently. It also said that I do not settle for the words "you are right". I have to prove my point first.

I found everything about this quiz to be spot on

My weaknesses I will try to work on. Especially the arguing aspect. I need to learn that it is okay to admit to being wrong. I will continue to excel at my strengths as well!!