Online citizenship.

What and what not to do online.

Online Chitizenship.

Online Citizenship has to do with how you treat people and how they treat you. It also means keeping your information private. If you don't you may get in allot of trouble that a sorry just won't fix.

Playing online games.

If you go on a online game with other people you should be nice to them, and not say rude words to them. Never, ever give someone you'r name while online. If someone is being mean to you. Don't talk to them. They may say mean and hurtful things to you.
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Speaking to others.

If someone is being rude to you or they are saying bad words you may want to ignore them. Some games have a filter that will blur out the word. Other times you may be able to mute them. If they can't be muted, the game doesn't have a filter, and you can't ignore them. Then you may want to log off and go to a different game.
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