E X C E L model

Capturing Kids' Hearts

Peparing teachers to effectively impact their students each time they come together, from the beginning of class to the end.


Engage students at the door: shake hands, eye contact, smile, welcome, affirm, model

  • Take the "temperature of the class" Greeting students at the door gives you insight into any outside problems/concerns that may be brought into class.
  • This models appropriate social and professional skills that students can use in their daily lives.
  • Don't use student greeters as a way to avoid being at the door.


Get in touch with where the learners are personally, emotionally and academically: journal, bell ringer, think and share, open ended thought questions, Good Things

  • Students have a prompt, question, problem to get them thinking while others are coming in.
  • Good Things - This will feel awkward at first, be patient
  • "Process" the journal/question/problem - Quickly share some of the thoughts, ideas and observations from the X-Plore


Communicate the content of the class

  • Address the needs discovered in the X-PLORE step.
  • Two-way process and should include some dialogue with learners
  • Flexibility & Creativity are essential. Students need to practice thinking through questions. Have other learners share their "thinking process"
  • Make "real world benefit" whenever possible.


Empower the learner

  • Students gain the ability to "use and do". Time for them to practice and apply what they have learned.
  • Students should feel free to fail. They should have encouragement and support from teacher and other students.
  • "I do." "We do." "You do."


Launch is a meaningful ending.

  • End & Send
  • Summary of what has happened and a charge forward.
  • Give students a "flight plan" for how they can use the learning.
  • Quotes, poems, idea, task,stories, songs, "Exit Tickets" phrases that send students out the door thinking.