Manic Depression (Bipolar)

Sophie Collins Health-5 10/13/15


A psychological disorder marked by manic and depressive episodes

Background of Manic Depression:

A psychological disorder marked by manic and depressive episodes.There are 3 main catagories of Manic Depression:

  • Bipolar l- severe mood swings
  • Bipolar ll (hypomania)-low intesnity, long periods of Depression interrupted by brief periods of a lesser form of mania
  • Bipolar lll (cyclothymic)- mild, minor mood swings that still affect their quality of life
  • 5.7 million people have Manic Depression
  • Jean-Pierre Falret first wrote about Manic Depression in an article, confirming that the rumor of Manic Depression was true
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Bipolar disorder is like a theif; it steals and never gives back

Who to Call:

Causes & Symptoms:


  • the only causes of Manic Depression that has been proven is by chemical imbalances in the brain, and inherited traits from parents
  • another cause that has not been fully proven is by a traumatic experience that affects the persons life in a very negative way


  • intense euphoria: the person is exploding with happiness
  • irritability
  • excessive talking
  • egotistical feelings
  • little need for sleep
  • desire to spend money
  • overwhelming sadness
  • change in apetitite

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Manic Depression is not age or gender specific although, 2.8% of adults 18-24 years of age have bipolar, and 4.6% of adults 45-64 years of age have bipolar.
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  • lithium is able to help control symptoms
  • psychotherapy (adjuatment) helps you learn to cope with Depression
  • there is no actual way to cure someone of Depression