"The First Lady of the Air"

Amelia's Childhood

Amelia Earhart was born on June 24th 1897, in Kansas. She is the oldest daughter of Amy and Edwin. At a young age Amelia loved to explore and play outside with his sister. She even built a roller coaster with her dad in their backyard. When Amelia was 11, she saw her first airplane at an airshow, and was impressed by the stunt-flying at an exhibition years later. These two shows influenced Amelia to get her pilots license in 1921.

Woman Flies Solo Around the Globe!

People began to notice Amelia in 1928, after she flew solo across the United Stated. She was the first woman to ever do that! In 1930, she set another record by being the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo. She also flew across the Pacific Ocean in 1932 and wasn't planning to stop there. In 1937, she planned to fly around the entire world. Unfortunately, her plane mysteriously disappeared along the way. Many believe she ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean and presumably died.

Amelia and her plane are still missing to this day!

Earhart Inspired Many

Amelia's Character Shines Bright

Amelia grew up a tomboy in many ways. At the time when Amelia was growing up girls didn't do shocking things. For example, they did not wear pants or throw mud balls. Amelia was not like other girls. From the time she was little Amelia was more adventurous. She loved to explore and try new things. Amelia was a brave lady who flew airplanes solo around the world. She proved that women can do anything men can do.