Grade 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Christmas Term: 9th-13th November 2015

Dates for the Diary

Tuesday November 24th, Science Day

Tuesday December 8th- Moving On Up Day- children will have the chance to meet their new Grade 2 Teacher

Tuesday December 8th- Christmas Pantomime Show (for students only)

Friday 11th December - Last day of term - Early Dismissal @ 12.20pm

  • Grade 1J Wo Nativity Play - Thursday 3rd December- 2.00pm - Music Room

  • Grade 1 HSy Nativity Play - Friday 4th December 8.15am - Music Room

  • Grade 1 AMo Nativity Play - Friday 4th December 2.00pm - Music Room

  • **Christmas Holiday 14th December - 8th January**

    Highlights of the Week

    The highlight of the week was undoubtedly seeing the wonderful outfits that the children dressed in today to mark Divali. Such bright and beautiful colours and a wonderful way to end the week.

    Wishing everyone a joyful weekend.

    The Grade 1 Team

    Language Arts


    We have been continuing to learn about the Cafe Comprehension strategy of being able to compare and contrast between and within texts. We have also started reading lots of letters and noticing the different parts inside them.


    This week we started our new Writer's Workshop unit: Functional Writing (letters, invitations, cards, etc.). We have been exploring the different features of letters, and making sure we include parts such as the greeting and closing. We are really enjoying sending lots of letters to each other, and to other people! Parents, please write a letter or note in reply if you receive a letter from your child! You might like to write a surprise letter for your child and leave it somewhere they will find it, such as in their lunch box, in a shoe or under their pillow!

    Spelling, Phonics and Grammar

    This week we have been focusing on conjunctions (do not = don't). We know that the apostrophe goes where a letter (or letters!) are missing from.


    The handwriting for this week has been focused on writing capital letters.


    Our focus in Time is on the parts of a clock and telling time to the hour and half-past.

    We discussed the movements of the hour and minute hands as well as why being able to tell time is important:

    • the hour hand goes 2 rounds round the clock face in a day
    • the minute hand goes 24 rounds round the clock face in a day
    • while the minute hand goes 1 round round the clock face, the hour hand moves only from one number to the next

    Telling time to the hour:

    • Time is read as "o'clock" when the minute hand is at 12
    • When the minute hand is at 12, the hour hand will be pointing exactly at the hour


    • At half past, the minute hand is at 6 - half-way round the clock
    • The hour hand is right in the middle, between 2 numbers

    IPC - Let's Celebrate!

    This week we have been continuing our research into different celebrations that take place in different cultures and countries around the world. The children are truly demonstrating their international mindedness by both embracing and sharing their learning with their peers.

    Let's Celebrate - A Gentle Reminder!

    We kindly ask that you to help your child select photographs from celebrations they have taken part in (weddings, parties, Christmas, festivals celebrated in host/home country.) 4-5 photos will be sufficient. Please can you write the age of your child on the reverse of the photograph – as the children will be using these to create their own timeline.

    To further enhance the children’s interest in the ideas of this unit, it would be wonderful if some parents could come into class and talk to the children about a celebration or festival from their Home Country. It would be great for parents to share their personal childhood experiences of celebrating this event – noting whether there are any differences between how it was celebrated in the past and how it is celebrated now.

    You will be warmly welcomed so please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to take part.

    Virtue of the Week: Truthfulness!

    'It takes strength and courage to admit the truth.'

    Rick Riordan

    This week the children have been working on showing the virtue of truthfulness. We show our truthfulness when we tell the truth with tact. Sometimes the most important time to tell the truth is when it is hard to do! Please use the language of the virtues at home and acknowledge your child when you see them showing their truthfulness!

    Looking Ahead

    We will working on the virtue of gentleness next week!

    Nativity Plays

    A Message from Mrs. Main

    We have excitedly started our preparations for this years Christmas Nativity and are busy learning songs and actions. In order to help build our virtues of responsibility, courage, and confidence, most children have been given a line or two to say, to help the wonderful Christmas story come to life. It would be helpful if you could spend some time with your child learning and reciting their line(s), as these will be performed from memory. The children get a lot of satisfaction from contributing to a performance this way and I know they will be delighted to be learning with family members at home.

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    Science Day

    Do you have a scientific background? Do you use science in your current job?

    On Tuesday 24th November we will be hosting our very first Science Day here at SJIIES. The children across the grades will be conducting a number of exciting experiments, finding the answers to mind boggling questions and participating in numerous WOW moments. To help raise the profile of Science in school we would love some parents to come and join us on this spectacular day! You could share some presentations of how you use science in your line of work or amaze us with a favourite experiment.

    If you are able to help please contact your Head of Grade.

    IPC team