Stop Bullying

How Can You Help?

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Bullying summary

Bullying has been a big problem in our society for a long time. So what is bullying? Bullying is “The power that someone uses that they have on another person. Bullying can be harmful or just mentally hurt. It can also make people feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Alot of people bully to make them feel better about themselves.” I learned this from a website called Also “New bullying statistics revealed about one in seven students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade is either a bully or has been a victim of bullying” says a website called bullying statistics. A lot of people have been wanting to help with bullying and find new ways to prevent it. So how can you help? Well from a website called community matters, it gives 11 ways to help prevent bullying or ways to protect your self if you are being bullied. I have seven ways listed below from that website that you can briefly look over. Other people ask if bullying affects others? The answer for that one is simple! YES! Bullying has been shown to not only affect the person being bullied but to also affect the bully, their families, and just people around them watching. One thing that you can do to help prevent bullying is to build a safe environment, so lets start now.

7 ways to prevent bullying

1) Learn about the issue

2) Walk the talk

3) Talk with your children

4) Monitor your child online

5) Understand your school’s policies

6) Identify and build alliances in your community

7) Advocate for safer schools

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Bullying statistics

  • Over half, about 56 percent, of all students have witnesses a bullying crime take place while at school.

  • A reported 15 percent of all students who don't show up for school report it to being out of fear of being bullied while at school.

  • There are about 71 percent of students that report bullying as an on-going problem.

  • Along that same vein, about one out of every 10 students drops out or changes schools because of repeated bullying.

  • One out of every 20 students has seen a student with a gun at school

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Negative reinforcement

  • you could yell at people and tell them to stop bullying.
  • Or bullying could get you introuble.
  • Bullying could also end up in sucide so its bad in every way.
  • Bullying could also cause kids to drop out of school.
  • If your the bully you could get suspended or even put in jail.

Positive reinforcement

  • If you stop bullying you could get an award.
  • You could make new friends.
  • You could even prevent someone from suicide.
  • You would be a great example to others.
  • And you could focus more on others and not so much on yourself.

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