The Industrial Revolution

by: Sydney Nelson

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution is a time where people worked on farms and did every thing with hands and in stead of making stuff with there hands machines toke over and a lot of people moved from their farms to the city to make more money. Samuel F.B. Morse invented Morse code Morse code is an alphabet represented by light, sound, and wire. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone; a telephone is a system to contact a person in short or long distance. Elias Howe and Isaac singer invented the first functional sewing machine; a sewing machine is used to stitch and fabric and other material with thread.

Child Labor

Child Labor is when children at the age of 5- any other age older than 5 had to work in a factor to provide for there families or there moms and dads sent them there. Addie was put in a threading building to make money for her grandma because her mom died when she was 2 years old.Working in the factor was not easy you only got paid a few dollars a week if you worked for 12 hours you would only get paid about 3.50 the whole time you worked .

Assembly line

A Assembly Line is when people are lined up and they only have 1 to 2 jobs doing what they where a signed to do. People who worked in the assembly line did not get paid that much money but they would rather work in a assembly line than work at a farm.many people got hurt, there once was when the instructors got frustrated and locked the doors, once they locked the doors a fire started more than 160 women and 40 men died because the people locked the door.
Children of the Industrial Revolution