Tap Water vs. Rain Water

By: Adrianna Ballard

Water is essential to most seeds to germinate, however WHAT KIND OF WATER?


Plants need water! But has anyone ever stopped to see what kind of water is best for germination?


Is rain water or tap water better for germination?


If two of the same seeds are given the same amount of water over a series of 4 days, but seed A is given rain water and seed B is given tap water, then seed A will grow faster, and larger than seed B. Because I think that rain water is better for germination.

Control and Variables

Control Experiment: Type of water being changed

Independent Variable: Type of water given

Dependent Variable: Plant growth

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As you can see from my data, my hypothesis was correct by saying that rain water helps plants grow more than tap water does. Seed A grew 2 cm more than Seed B did by day four.

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I made the data myself

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