By: Cole


Do you want to know who made the Sony? Do you want to know who made the first phone? Do you want to know who made the first radio? Well now you can.


In May, 7 1946 Sony was made by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in a garage. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita made their first product the tape recorder by using tape out of narrow paper strips coated with magnetic powder and looped the tap around the large wheel. They wanted to create something like this because instead of having to listen to music played live they could record it and listen to it be played live.


When they first started the company was small and there was only Marsu Ibuka and 20 employees. The first thing to change was how they made things. There capital city was bombed out in the war so the material they made their products with was not very sturdy. So after the economy started to come back the products improved. Another thing thing that changed was the amount of employees. It started with about 21 employees and began to grow larger and larger. Now the company is so much more developed and there are so many employees you can’t even remember half of them. It is better now because now they make anything that is related to electronics and before they just made tape recorders.


Marsu Ibuka created this company because he felt that the world was behind in technology. Sony has changed society because now people can listen to music without having everyone around you hear it and play video games. Now millions of people listen to music and play video games every day. Without Sony we would hardly have and technology.


Now you have learned about Marsu Ibuka and Akio Morita and the company Sony. And what products they made.