Off-season Walther Road PPC

Join in the fun!

Poke and Pizza

Off Season Poker and Pizza Club

Commissioner: Jen Bonham

Here is all the important information that you need!

Times: The Off Season Poker Club will meet on Wednesdays from January 6th until March 24th or until the Wednesday night 9-hole night starts. It is not a tournament that carries over from week to week. Anyone can come any or all of the weeks that fit in their schedules. The poker game starts at 6:00 and the last cash out will be at 8:30. You are welcome to join the poker game after 6:00, and sit out any hands that you so choose. Each week on Mondays, an email will be sent out to let you know which house the poker game will be held that week. Please let me know if you will be attending that week so that we can plan accordingly.

Location: We will rotate between 3 houses that are all located off of Walther Road: Phyllis Pepper’s, Debbie Ryan’s, and Jen Bonham’s. The first Poker night will be at Jen’s house on January 14th.

What you need to bring: This is nothing fancy! Each week it is Poker and PIZZA! Please bring $5, your beverage of choice and money for poker. This is NOT high stakes poker!! (Rules are listed below.) Please note, this is not a dinner club…so dinner will be Pizza and what you bring to drink, served on paper plates with a smile. If you choose not to eat pizza you are welcome to bring a substitute meal for yourself instead of $5. (Keep in mind if you eat pizza it is $5 even if you bring a salad to eat as well.) This is not a pot luck night so please bring enough for one and make sure it is already prepared. All kitchens will be closed. :)

House Rules: The ante for each game is 5 cents. With each round there is a bet. The person to the left of the dealer starts the betting. She can either place a bet (max 25 cents) or ‘check’. Then every player gets a chance to “see” the bet (match the bet), raise the bet or fold. The max raise 50 cents by 1 person and $1 for the round. We will have chips and you can buy in each week that you are there. Debbie has graciously agreed to be the banker!

Don’t know anything about poker? No Worries… cheat sheets will be available each week and someone will explain the different games to you before we play them.

It couldn’t be easier!

· Cheap - $5 for pizza and a little $$ for playing;

· Pizza for dinner, BYO drink;

· Time limit 6:00 - 8:30. Show up late, leave early - doesn’t matter;

· Limited # of weeks;

· No obligation or commitment;

· It’s real - pizza and poker!

First Poke and Pizza: At Jen's house 7 Lisa Drive, Newark, DE 19702 at 6:00.