Ryleigh's Flute Solo

Flute Sectionals

Thursday, April 16th, 9pm

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND

My Reflection on Elegy

I have learned a lot about the song Elegy. I've learned things, like the meanings and how the song is supposed to be interpreted. I also learned about John Tyndall a little bit. This project is enjoyable, because we get to perform in front of our friends. This has turned out to be a very great song that I will love forever.

Word Bank

Adagio-a slow tempo marking between largo and andante

Treble Clef-a symbol at the beginning of a staff to indicate the pitches of the notes placed on the staff.

Time Signature-a symbol placed on the left side of the staff indicating the meter of composition. Such as the 3 represents the counts in each measure and the 4 represents the the quarter note get 1 count.

Multiple Measure Rest-when you rest more than one measure,and the number on the top says how many measure you rest.

Slur-a curved line (like in a tie) that connects two or more notes that are DIFFERENT pitches.

Tie-a curved line that connects two heads of the same pitch.

Accent-when you attack the note louder when you play it.


F- Forte-a symbol that stands for loud.

MF - Mezzo forte- a symbol that stands for medium loud.

MP- Mezzo piano-a symbol that stands for medium soft.

P - piano-a symbol that stands for soft.