Year 2 Newsletter

8th Novemeber 2013

What have we been learning about?

Welcome back after the half term break and welcome also to our two new students in D2KB, Mateo and Gabriella.

We kick-started our Sense-ations topic on the first day back with a Wow day on the senses. This got the children excited about the upcoming topic and recapped their knowledge from Year 1, ready for building on in Year 2.

This week in Numeracy, we have been looking at time, reading clocks on the hour, half hour, quarter to and quarter past. The children have also been exploring word problems involving time. The second half of the week, we looked at symmetry, finding lines of symmetry in a variety of different shapes. We have also been looking at symmetry in leaves, linking it to our seasons work as part of our Geography unit.

In Literacy, we have been focussing on poetry and the children have been performing lots of poems out loud, practising expression, pace and speaking in unison. They have also been busy writing their own poems, a selection of which can be seen on display outside our classrooms.

In Art, we have been exploring the work of Hundertwasser, an Austrian painter, looking carefully at his use of colour, shape and form. The children made their own paintings in his style and you can see a stunning display of their work in the studio!

In ICT this week, we have started our unit 'We are Painters', and have been exploring different illustrations based on the story of Cinderella. In the upcoming weeks, the children will have a chance to design their own illustrations to make a class book for the iPad.


Please ensure that reading folders are brought into school every day. Also, a reminder that our library session is on a Monday and that for PE lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the children should come into school in their PE kit. Thank you!