By Simon and Alvin - 5/24/16

Slang Names

Gluey, Huff, Rush, Whippets



What does it look like?


  • Volatile solvents are liquids that become a gas at room temperature. Some examples are paint thinners and removers, gasoline, glues, and felt-tip marker fluids.

  • Gases include medical gases (ether, nitrous oxide) and household or commercial products (butane lighters, propane tanks, whipped cream dispensers that contain nitrous oxide, and refrigerants).

  • Aerosol sprays are some of the most prevalent inhalants in the home and include spray paint, deodorant and hairsprays, vegetable oil cooking sprays, and static cling sprays.

  • Nitrites include cyclohexyl nitrite, amyl nitrite, and butyl nitrite. On the street, they're called "poppers" and "snappers." They're found in some room deodorizers and capsules that release vapors when opened.

Short Term Affects

According to, short term effects include

  • Disorientation.

  • Muscle weakness

  • Lack of coordination.

  • Irritability.

  • Depression.

  • Serious and sometimes irreversible damage to the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and brain.

  • Memory impairment, diminished intelligence.

  • Hearing loss.

Long Term Affects

The long term effects of inhalants are damage to the heart, kidneys, brain, liver, bone marrow and other organs.

Legal Consequences

According to drugfreeworld, Some states have introduced fines, incarceration or mandatory treatment for the sale, distribution, use and/or possession of inhalant chemicals.

Emotional Consequences

Some emotional consequences someone might face would be depression and suicidal thoughts

Social Consequences

There are very few social consequences


According to, drugfreeworld, By the time students in the US reach the eighth grade, one in five will have used inhalants. In 2007, inhalants were the substance most frequently abused by youth aged 12 or 13.

22% of inhalant abusers who died of Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome had no history of previous inhalant abuse—they were first-time users.

According to the European School Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs, 20% of youth in the 12 to 16 age group have tried inhalants.

If you are pressured

If you are ever being pressured, you can either say my parent's drug test me or you can just say I’d rather stay out of that stuff for now.

Positive Alternatives to Drugs

Three positive alternatives to drug use could be, talking to someone instead of trying to escape by using drugs, keeping your mind off of whatever is bothering you by doing something fun, and instead of doing them, try and get people you care about to stop.