Elements of English III

Mrs. G. Hughes, Mrs. Bridgeford, and Mrs. Evans

Helping students reach their full potential.

Students in Elements of English III are scoring in the 6-8th grade level in either reading, language or both. When a student tests above the 8th grade level in both areas, we feel they are capable of being moved into either English I, English II, or Professional Communications. If you have any questions about your child's placement, please feel free to contact me at any time.

What we have completed this semester!

1. We spent time on reading strategies to begin the year. We wanted them to have a good foundation on how to better understand the text.

2. Summary writing with fiction and nonfiction (will be revisited).

3. Reading nonfiction.

4. Writing a basic stand alone paragraph. Students were taught a process to better help them organize their ideas.

5. Analyzing poetry/song lyrics.

6 They then wrote a paragraph about who they admire.

What we are working on currently!

1. Currently, we are working on literature circles. The three novels we are reading can be found below.

Along with reading the novels, each person in the literature circle is to complete a daily job. The jobs consist of: Summarizer, Word Finder, Connector, Discussion Director, Illustrator, Predictor, and Character Analyzer. The students change their job daily. At the end of each day, the students spend time debriefing their group on what they have written down.

By using this process, we hope to help our students, your kids, to be able to better relate to and understand what they are reading.

Literature Circles help students to focus on the text!


If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us. We continue to look forward to working with your children, and hope that you see the difference this class has made in their reading a writing ability.