Which Colony Will You Come To?

By: Kaden Brunson

Come to Rhode Island Now!

Come to Rhode Island Today! Rhode Island is a great place for anyone looking for a new colony to live in. Rhode Island is a great place for anyone wanting to practice religion freely. Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, received a charter which gave Rhode Island it’s own form of government, letting the colony make their own decisions. Unlike Massachusetts, Rhode Island lets people practice whichever religion they wish to.

Rhode Island is one of a few colonies with a port so fishermen can accomplish their job here. Rhode Island is also the most tolerant colony because of the fact people can practice religion freely, even Jewish people. Before Roger Williams founded Rhode Island, he was a Puritan leader in Massachusetts. Roger Williams was a very wise man from Massachusetts but wasn’t liking how things were running there. He and a few other colonists left Massachusetts and founded a city which wasn’t Rhode Island yet. He and 3 other cities joined together and Rhode Island was formed. The city that Roger Williams formed was Providence.

The soil around Providence was very rich and fertile which promised for good farming of cattle and grain. There are also sandy coasts where the fishing ports are held and there are forests in Rhode Island. The winters in Rhode Island are cold which brings snow which is very fun for kids and the summers are nice and warm which promises for good farming on the land.

Quotes by Roger Williams about living in Rhode Island:

“That cannot be a true religion which needs carnal weapons to uphold it.”

“By concord little things grow great, by discord the greatest come to nothing.”

“Men's consciences ought in no sort to be violated, urged, or constrained.”

Don't Go To Pennsylvania Today!

Don’t Go To Pennsylvania Today! Pennsylvania is a colony that has been being taken over by many different people over the time it's been a colony. It was first founded by Swedish colonists and then taken over by the Dutch. It was then taken over by the brother of King Charles II. Then, he gave it back to King Charles II. Then, he gave it to William Penn, who was the one who finally kept control. It was back and forth between owners which could cause trouble for people fighting over the land that they all want. Also, the colonists would be fighting over who they wanted to be the leader of their colony.

The land is also not the most promising of all the colonies. There are rolling hills and forested areas in Pennsylvania that aren’t the best for farming. Also, the climate changes dramatically in between winter and summer. In the winter, the weather is very cold and it snows a lot, in the summer, the weather is very hot and humid. This is bad because the people could get really cold and sick in the winter and in the summer, they could overheat and got dehydrate.

The quakers arrived in Pennsylvania and started to make friends with the Indians who’d been living in Pennsylvania for a while. This might have been bad because the Indian people may be been planning something to get rid of the people who came and started using their land. There are also lots of businesses in Pennsylvania like logging and farming and other businesses which means there isn’t a ton of open land for homes to be built.

Don't Go To Maryland Today!

Don’t go to Maryland today! Maryland was founded by Sir George Calvert, a man from England with lots of experience in what he was doing. Sir George Calvert gave the colony of Maryland to his son, Leonard Calvert, who didn’t have much experience running colonies. This may be bad because who wants someone without lots of experience running a colony they’re living in.

The land in Maryland isn’t the best for all of the settlers hoping to live there. The topography is very low which means that the land is swampy. The winters are long and the weather is cold and rainy. In the summer, the weather is hot and humid most of the time. There is a large economical industry in Maryland so there isn’t lots of land for houses and other buildings.

There are a few different religious groups in Maryland that started fighting. The religious groups that started to fight each other are the Catholics and the Protestants and no one wants to live in the middle of a fight. During Leonard Calvert’s leading, he left for two years and went back to England. No one in the colony really knew how to control the colony and there was lots of arguing.