What careers interest me?

The careers that are the most interesting to me are the things that involve building or creating or fixing things to make them look new and act new again
underwater welding

What kind of Welding was that?

That kind of welding is Arc Welding or for short Underwater welding. The guy in this video is fixing a barge.

What kind of Education do i need for Welding?

The only type of Education you need for welding is a High School Diploma to get a Welding Career started
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How much can I make per year?

Welding is a job based off the years of experience not the positions of welding. A beginning welder can make anywhere from 15-30k per year. That will be for the first 3 years or so. You will start to make more once you begin the journey to a journeymen once you are a journeymen you will being to get paid a lot more.

What courses can i take in my High School to become a Welder?

Well there are two classes you could take which are Welding class or Auto-Tech both deal with having to know how to weld.

What resposibilites will I have?

Your responsibilities are that you need to be able to be safe and understand the concepts of safety because if you don't you could hurt or kill another worker. Another one is understanding your machines

What its like being a Welder?

Being a Welder you can really work in any conditions really really cold or really really hot weather it really dosent matter you can work in any conditions. You also will have really long days you have no like set work schedule
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